See Past the Mountain

When we are wanting a mountain to move we often use the wrong tools. We try pushing. We try digging. Sometimes we yell at it. Often we just keep going around and around the mountain getting nowhere. We might even try shutting our eyes and saying “Abracadabra” !

What do we do when none of these things are working? Quit. Lose Hope. Scream in frustration. Believe the lies we are not doing it right. What then? Do we just choose to accept the mountain and simply camp out until we figure out what to do?

How often do we look at a mountain in our lives and spend endless hours planning, creating vision boards and figuring out how to move it from every angle? Shouldn’t there be a better way? A more strategic yet simpler way of removing said mountain?

Okay, some of you are probably wondering what I mean by “mountain”. A mountain can be several things. Drugs. Addictions. Bad relationship. Dead end job. Failed marriage. Poverty. Lack of education. The list could go on and on but basically a mountain is something which hinders a peaceful life. Something which seems impossible.

Three years ago I was left with a completely gutted out home. I was left with a toilet in the middle of the house. No walls. No flooring. Just a shell of what once was a home. My mountain was large and in charge. I tried things in my own strength for two and half years. I bought things I thought I needed. I hired whomever I could with my budget to work on the house. I wanted to give up but I had a word to stand on. It was a scripture written on a napkin left on my dining room table.

Once I was exhausted from the planning and figuring things out I started standing on this verse. I prayed. I prophesied. I worshipped. I spoke to my mountain with authority knowing some way, somehow God was going to make a way. I had to come to a place of complete trust. And He did!!

God made a way when I saw no way. He finished the house and it is just the way He wanted it completed. Not only did He rebuild the house He restored love in my life. New house. New marriage. New perspectives. The kicker to this whole process was learning to rest in the goodness of who God is and to take the time to listen to what was to be done next.

From no bathroom…
To a completed one♥️
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