Ever prayed so hard for a miracle? I mean asking God for EVERYTHING in one long winded prayer. Praying for angels. Praising God for what He is about to do. Claiming salvation for your third cousin twice removed. Reached out to your pray squad and closest friends to pray with you. Asking for forgiveness for you, your parents, your siblings, the dog…. Then you break into off key worship songs and attempt to physically pull down heaven. Finally collapsing into exhaustion just hoping God heard you.

We often can wear ourselves out with extra prayers and warfare. Now, please do not misunderstand, there are times when such prayer power is necessary. I have prayed long and hard at times during my life struggles. But, today I am talking about the prayers where you are praying for an absolute miracle but really a simple answer arises. When a situation isn’t has horrific as our mind makes it out to be.

Sometimes when called to pray your heart begins to race. You cannot keep up with all of the “solutions” that begin to fill your mind. Your carnal mind comes up with creative ways to remedy the problem. You are ready with “spiritual water” to put out the most hottest of raging fires. You call on God and ask Him to do a million things in 30 seconds. Sometimes you pace back in forth across the floor, half praying and half brainstorming.

This happened just the other day. I was praying for a situation I THOUGHT was dire. I was calling down heaven and fighting off hell. My mind had gone to the worst case scenario. While I was in the middle of rallying my husband to pray, God had already fixed the issue. It was a simple fix. Just needed two AA batteries. Needless to say I was thankful and amazed and exhausted all in five minutes time.

I have been in crisis mode my entire life. I almost never expect positive outcomes. My mind immediately goes to the negative and how can I fix the problem. I have spent my life on high alert waiting for the next disaster to happen. I pray BIG for small things. I try to figure out solutions even before I give God a chance to move. I rarely enjoy myself in the moments of life because I am always preparing for the next thing and then the event after that. It is exhausting.

As I write this, listening to worship music and looking over my current life I am praying for God to teach me to slow down and allow myself to recharge. I pray He teaches me to change my batteries before they run out. I want to enjoy my marriage. I want to live in the moment. I desire to experience life fully charged but not for the next disaster. I want to be ready to relax. To breathe deeply. To know beyond the shadow of doubt that the God I serve is bigger than anything I will face.

Recharge is a choice.

Happiness is a choice.

Trusting is a choice.

I choose in this moment to turn up my worship music and recharge, happy to be in a position of trust.

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