Treasure Map

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Suddenly a violent storm developed, with waves so high the boat was about to be swamped. Yet Jesus continued to sleep soundly.
I am content.  In my boat.  Storm or no storm.  Drama or absence of.  Thunderstorm or gentle rain.  Sweltering heat or freezing cold.  Drifting along or holding on for dear life.  In all circumstances trying to remain calm.  I know Jesus is in my boat.
I have had some curve balls thrown my way lately.  Things that I don’t understand.  Moments of time where nothing makes sense.  Pieces of my life that I cannot not seem to put back together.  Yet.  I stand along the edge of the boat trusting whatever comes next.  Longing to be content.  Longing to be at complete rest.  Longing to just be.
As wave after wave hits the sides of my boat I trust God to take it where ever it needs to go.  I choose to believe my boat will not sink or fail to accomplish its’ intended journey.  I  believe as I choose to be obedient to what I hear the Lord saying to do, He will protect me from any danger.  I also believe God is holding the treasure map of my life but little do I understand.  He only allows me to see what He knows I can handle.
Life is not about rowing the boat.  It is not defined by how far you go.  Nor is life a representation of who you were created to be.  From our first breath we learn trust is a natural occurrence, however, through life circumstances trust is often very broken in areas of our lives.  For this reason alone we must seek a relationship with the one who created the treasure map.
As life unfolds and the waters grow deep one must seek refuge in the place they feel the safest.  We must linger a little longer in the midst of love.  We must accept the covering of protection.  Hold on to the dose of faith.  Press into the unknown of trusting again.  When we realize our lives are in the very hands of our creator we can just be.
Today is a new day and His mercies will be new again tomorrow.  Wave upon wave upon wave of His grace and mercy follow us everyday.  His goodness is there for us around ever corner.  As we choose to rest in His protection and divine intervention we are able to breathe again.  The water suddenly becomes still.  The past fades into the far corners of the night and the future looms ahead like a bright ray of light.
Words will never do Him justice.  Songs will never reveal Him fully.  Actions speak loudly but never truly define Him.  He is the creator of treasure.  He is the designer of who we are.  He holds the treasure map.  We are the treasure He seeks and the map is our way to His perfect plan.
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