67214410_10220140881982483_6082221484149833728_oProverbs 3:5-6

Wisdom’s Guidance

Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in every decision you make. Become intimate with him in whatever you do, and he will lead you wherever you go.

It will be a year tomorrow.  So much has happened.  So much has changed.  So much more adventure ahead of me.  It was the day before a new season started.  The night before summer officially began.  So many new things to do alone.  Things which required me to put my big girl pants on and press in and persevere.  There was no going back.  It was not there any more.  Gone.  Like a poof of smoke from a fire right before it becomes completely coals.  My marriage was over and I was stumped.  I stood there in the morning with tears steaming down my face.  No clue what tomorrow looked like let alone the next 12 hours or the next 12 minutes.  All I could do was trust.
This is part three of a four part blog.  The first one was pray.  The second was wait. And today it’s trust.  Perhaps this is the hardest one.  I had to believe God would come through for me.  I had to trust in His love.  His patience.  His plan. And above all, His perfect timing.  Man!  It has not been easy.  Sure, my Facebook page may make it look like things have been all roses and doughnuts, however those roses had thorns and the doughnuts, well they had calories.
So here I am.  Praying.  Waiting. Trusting.  I have so much ahead of me it makes my head spin.  Walls.  Ceilings. Flooring.  Painting. I don’t know how it will ever get completed.  God has already provided so much.  Some times the devil lets me think that God is done finishing the house.  This is the way I will live in it.  Unfinished.  I feel that has been a running theme in my entire life.  I like quick projects just because I fear them never getting finished.  Here we are a year and four months into a gutted out home and I see no end in sight, yet I trust God.  I pray until the peace comes.  I wait at the feet of Jesus.
Even though the studs are still showing in the bathroom I bought a cute little sign yesterday at Hobby Lobby.  It simply says, “This Bathroom is for Singing”.  So true.  One of the wonderful benefits of living alone (well with two cats) is that I get to turn up the music and sing.  It is in those times of worship I am able to let go and let God.  I am able to forget the studded walls and lack of flooring and believe God again for those things I have yet to see come to pass.  Worship brings me to a place of trust over and over again.
Tomorrow will be here soon and I cannot not show up for it.  I will get up.  Get dressed.  Sing a little song and off to work I go.  No time to look back. It is a perfect day to pray, wait & trust.  It is another opportunity for me to do the next right thing.  It is a day I can devote to singing if I want or I could take a walk or go on an adventure.  BUT  ABOVE all it is yet another walk in the garden with God and I plan to show up and be me.
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4 thoughts on “Trust.

  1. Just saw your blog on Facebook, so glad you’re writing again. You don’t know me personally, nor I you, but I want to thank you for this. I will look forward to your future writings, your incredible inspiration and I will pray for you….

    1. Thank you for the encouragement!!!!!! Have a Blessed BEYOND measure kinda day!!!

  2. Very beautifully written! I pray God blesses you Big Time!

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