Whatcha Gonna Do?


Not all of us received the news yesterday of not reporting to work on Tuesday.  There are still so many out there who are still working as usual.  I pray today for those who are on the front lines fighting the battle of this virus.  I am not sure how bored I will be at the end of this three weeks so I decided to write a daily schedule to help keep me on track!  I know not the plans of the Lord, however, I do know they are good and meant for prospering.  So, I am going to do the one thing I never seem to have time for, write!

I am choosing to not sit here and binge watch Netflix.  I don’t want to waste this time playing my game on my phone.  I do not wish to swipe endlessly through FaceBook.  I want to do what God called me to do and in this short season of seclusion I can get a lot done in the realm of writing.  God has given to us who are leading very busy life styles to actual redirect our steps and follow hard after that which He has ordained for our lives.  In this time of quiet it gives us the opportunity to dive into the deep end of the river and go with the flow of God.

Many of you have families in your homes for support and companionship, I have Jesus and my cat.  The cat, is already grounded on day one for ripping open her treats at 12am and scaring the daylights out of me.  So today it’s just me and Jesus.  I am going to finish writing the book, I am already 6 chapters into.  It’s time to finish it.  I have had it on the back burner for too long.

So many of us have had God on a back burner.  We seem to have the things we were called to do on a simmer setting.  We know it’s going to be good when it’s finished but we have no urgency to finish what we started.  He Who began a good work in me shall see it through to completion.  We must take our gifts and talents all the way to the finish.  We must fight the good fight of faith and finish.  I pray this is speaking to some of you who have been dormant in the business of your life.  God has given us each a dream and a vision.  What are we actually doing with it?

I urge you to take these next three weeks if God has set you apart to dive deep into that which God is calling you to do.  Focus on who you are in Christ.  Let all the lies of the enemy fall to either side and may your focus only be on God in this season.  Take care of your families.  Take care of your households.  But above all take time for your relationship with God, it is the single most important thing right now.

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1 thought on “Whatcha Gonna Do?

  1. Timothy Allen Monroe March 27, 2020 — 5:53 am

    Excellent food for thought. Been trying to read the Bible more, been trying to post little Facebook Live videos from my phone to post on my Facebook Wall dealing with various Scriptures dealing with whatever I can find.

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