Seeds, Paper Seeds

2 Corinthians 9:10
Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness;

Recently I was on a serious hunt for toilet paper. I had gone to several stores in the spanse of a few days. None was to be found. I finally gave up the search and decided to sow my toilet paper money into a local church offering and simply trust God. He knew my need and just like a million times before in my life I knew He would come through even though I only had one and half rolls left. An hour and a half after sowing the seed a friend called and said she had an extra package of toilet paper for me.

Thanking God for the provision I went home. The very next morning I arrived at work to find ANOTHER nine rolls of provision on my desk. Thanking God for my abundance I wondered why I needed 18 rolls of toilet paper, after all I live alone.

Well yesterday I realized why I had the abundance. It wasn’t for me. A lady who had several needs cornered me while I was making a quick stop at home. I was able to supply her and her daughter money, water, kleenex AND nine rolls of toilet paper. I won’t stretch this blog out with all the details but let’s just say this:

God orders our steps.

His timing is perfect.

I was blessed to be a blessing.

In all of this I learned to not operate out of fear. I learned the value of giving. I received the joy of helping someone else. And it grew my trust in the Lord to another level. He not only provided for me He provided even more for this other person. She just kept asking and I was able to give.

That’s how God wants us to be. Trusting. Fully aware of His ability to provide what seems impossible. He loves when we ask for things. He delights in providing for us. He also finds great joy in giving seeds to the sower. He graciously gives seeds to those who will sow. Just like He provides rain for those who water and wisdom to the harvesters.

We all as a body of Christ have a part to play in bringing people to Christ. Some prepare soil. Some plant. Some pray over the seed while it lays in darkness. Some water. Some weed. While others come in at harvest time and introduce the matured seed to Jesus Himself. Get to know what part you play. Seek God for direction and let us grow a beautiful garden with the provision God brings to us.

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