Smash the Thinking Caps!

Romans 1:28
Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done.

Do you ever find yourself over thinking things in your life?  Perhaps you were contemplating moving so you would start with deciding where and how.  Then the cost of each leg of the move and how you were going to get the money.  Then comes the moving of the furniture and what you will need and how you will get it from one place to the other.  Of course after all of that thinking you do some more about how you will arrange things in the new place and make those endless vows about how living there will be completely different than how you are living now.  Perhaps after thinking all of these things through you begin to wonder who you will have over and what you will be fixing for dinner for them.  Once you realize all the things you just spent an hour fretting over, would be too difficult to accomplish, you decide it would just be easier to stay where you are.

So many times this happens with God.  We get a word of knowledge or something happens to us which was a blessing from God and we begin down that road of over thinking the situation.  We question every aspect of what is going on. Then as if that’s not enough we start in with the “what ifs” which is closely followed by the “well ifs” and finally the “perhaps I cans”.  Man, we put ourselves through so many hoops while trying to figure out something that God just wants us to receive.  When are we going to learn to stop doing all of this thinking and just receive and mediate on the goodness of what God is handing to us?

I feel like so many Christians miss the mark because they are so wrapped up in their thinking caps that they cannot see straight.  They end up dazed and confused with no clear direction and begin to deny that the thing was from God in the first place.  Guess what my friends?  That’s exactly where Satan wants to keep you…confused and refusing the very things God has for you.  We need to take off our thinking caps and either stomp on them or burn them out of existence.  Sure we may need to think first before we act, however there is a difference between thinking and discerning.  We can learn to discern what we should say in certain situations instead of thinking about things until we no longer even feel we need to react.

Over thinking can lead to us becoming stagnant in the things of God.  We may get a revelation on something and God needs us to move quickly but because we spend so much time thinking about the situation we miss our opportunity.  We then enter into areas of set backs and before we know it, its’ been ten years and we are still at the same level we were when we received the word.  If we would learn to discern the voice we hear is God and move each time He directs, He will move us steadily through the levels and before we know in ten years time we will be moving in the realm God intended us to be.

What joy will be found as we begin to destroy these thinking caps and finally just go with the flow God has set out before us.  Are you ready to get rid of your thinking cap?

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