Choose to Be Chosen

Matthew 22:14
“For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Something so profound was said at revival tonight, in accordance with the Bible we know that many are called but few are chosen, so what does this mean?  God calls all of us to servant-hood and we have a choice to become one of His beloved servants, spreading the Good News wherever we go.  Then there are the chosen ones God has handpicked to be in ministry or healers or evangelist and the list goes on.  God has a plan and purpose for everyone and as He calls to you, how do you answer?  It is easy to be the called for the responsibility is an easy road.  Sharing the Good News is simple and can be done with no formal training, however, to be chosen takes a bit more sacrifice on our part and will cost us everything we have.

We are chosen by God to move on His behalf in the realms of ministry such has pastors or evangelist, we need to decide that we want to be chosen.  We need to begin living a life desiring the things of God and working towards being more like Jesus everyday.  With each step we take closer to our destiny, we must have the mind set that God may choose us for a bigger purpose that we cannot not even imagine coming to pass.  What if He chose us to start a homeless shelter and minister to those people?  Would you be willing to take up that burden and the cost that came with it?  What if He chose you to be a world renowned revivalist and took you from your family and friends so that you would constantly be traveling?

It is hard sometimes to decide to be chosen because of the great cost which comes with it.  Along the way you may lose family and friends.  You may lose your house and give away all of your possessions.  Perhaps you will be stripped of your finances.  So many challenges and surrenders, one may decide that the cost of being chosen is just too much.  Let us consider this thought though while entertaining the process of being a chosen one.  What did God give up so that we could be the chosen ones?

Yes, He gave His only Son.  He sacrificed it all.  He lost family.  He gave everything He had so that we could be free and find victory, so why would we not want to be chosen so that we can extend this same freedom and victory to the lost of this world.  Would it not be worth it?  I yearn to be chosen for what God has planned for the lost.  My heart aches to give it all up for the sake of saving the ones who are headed for hell.  Through the healing of my own brokenness, God allows me to have a desire to minister to those who are going through what I already came through.

Are you willing to give it all up for the sake of the lost?  Did not God do this very thing for you?  Who was chosen that you came to know Jesus?  

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