Do Not Pass!

Psalm 33:11
But the LORD’s plans stand firm forever; his intentions can never be shaken.

Proverbs 16:1
We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer.

Sometimes I just have to laugh out loud at God when He hits me with my next blog topic.  I was on the way to the office to pick up some supplies for work and I saw this police car just up ahead and had to chuckle because there was this line of cars just hanging out behind him, seemingly afraid to pass.  Why are we so afraid of passing a police officer even if he is going under the speed limit?  Why do we have such a taste for running that yellow light, hoping it does not turn red as we slide underneath it?  What makes us want to go just a little bit faster than the sign posted allows us?  How come we find freedom in not buckling up?  All these questions just started flooding my mind and I truly felt God was trying to tell me something.  Why do we respect earthly authority and not God?

Wow!  That hit me like a ton of bricks!  We are always trying to “stay under the radar” with God so as to still stay in grace yet there are other times when we try to get ahead of Him and plan out our own lives only to find ourselves further away from God than we ever were.  We trying to run that yellow light in hopes He does not catch us flirting with sin.  Do we honestly think for one second God is not watching?  Sure the police officer might let us off with a warning, or look the other way, is God going to be that way too?  God desires the best for His children and He chastens whom He loves.  He shows us discipline and makes it clear in a loving way that we need to follow His directions, hence we end up lost in the woods hanging on for dear life consumed with fear.  For you see the more we disobey, the more we live in fear.

As a personal example, for months after the separation from my husband I drove in fear of the police.  We had driven so many times without proper plates or insurance I was always so careful not to make one mistake even though I knew I was following the rules.  Why do we only behave when we think someone is watching?  Should we not strive to do the right and lawful thing all the time?  I cannot count how many times I have been just over the speed limit and passed a cop sitting on the side of the road.  My heart would beat so fast I thought I was going to pass out for fear of getting pulled over! Years ago I was an occasional seat belt wearer, I hated being constrained to the seat and besides if my husband had been wearing his seat belt in his two accidents he would have died.  Then someone at church spoke about obeying God meant following the laws of the land and she used wearing your seat belt as an example.  From that day forward I am belted in!  So, long story short, by following what God is applying for rules in our lives, we can be a peace knowing He is watching us doing the right thing.  God does not desire us to fear Him as a dictator but rather a fear of His authority because this is what keeps us safe.

Don’t live in fear of God catching you doing the wrong thing. Live in fear of God as a correcter of who you are to become.  Do not tremble, but be delighted in His correction knowing He is making you into His image each time.  Just like the cars fearing the passing of a cop car, do not let yourself get ahead of God and the plans He has for your life.  Planning your own ways will end you up far from grace and calling out for God to get you out of the mess you are in.  That was me three years ago.  After walking away from God being the center of my life, I found myself married to an addict with 2 children and seeing no hope for happiness in my future.  Now that I have gotten back to the “Rules” I have found peace again and I can make mistakes without my heart racing a million miles and hour because I know there is forgiveness and correction which will help me stay accountable.  God loves us and He needs our obedience in order to lead us to our destiny.  I truly believe God has AWESOME plans for every person born on earth, how sad so many never reach their destiny because they fail to follow the posted signs!

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2 thoughts on “Do Not Pass!

  1. AMEN! Good Word, Brenda!!! A few weeks ago, a Christian friend told me that she “will go 5 miles over the posted sign”… I just shook my head. There was no point in trying to get her to see the error. The following Saturday I was driving to my 10hr shift & God spoke to my heart… “Not following the laws of the land is as rebellion, and you know what I have said about rebellion.” I understood it without a problem, but asked that He speak to her about it!

  2. There is so much more to this blog the Lord is showing me..might have to write part two!!!

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