Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

 Psalm 119:11
I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.


One would think, a professing Christian as myself would have no dust accumulated on my Bible, however, this is my lacking place in my walk.  As I began to examine my life these past few weeks as I am walking out this valley, I soon realized I have some lacks in my life and daily reading of the Word is one of them. Sure, I read verses here and there and I read on Saturdays at church and Wednesdays at youth group and then again on Sundays, but a daily dousing of the Word? Nope not so much.  I have tried and tried an tried to start devotional times in my life, I always blame my out of whack work schedule for not having a decent one on one time for seeking God as far as reading the Bible.  I work at McDonalds as a manager and my schedule has no consistency to it.  One day I work at 4:30am another 4pm and still there are 8 to 5s and 11 to 8s.  Sure I could get up an hour before and set that as the time, but I find myself not motivated and too tired with the multitude of things I have to do every day.  Then again I could read last thing before I go to bed, yet I lack the discipline to do so.

This world we live in just keeps us busier and busier and who may I ask is the ruler of earth currently?  Satan’s desire is to keep us from receiving God in our daily lives and keeping us busy is his biggest ploy in today’s society.  I have tried to say “No” to things but I still find myself filling the space of time I should be reading the Bible with other things.  I don’t want to say I have ADD but I do get distracted.  Quiet time is a definite challenge for me!  Recently I had decided I was going to redo the Purpose Driven Life because I found a copy of it with a blank journal to go with it at a local Goodwill.  I had it all ready to go and even though I don’t really follow Lent as closely as I used to, I was going to start with day 1 on Wednesday and work my way through so I would end up finishing it on Easter.  Guess what?  It’s Saturday….um, I have yet to open the book!  On the same note, I found the devotional book from a long time ago in a thrift store, Be Still and Know.  Now I have read a few of these, but only when I think about it.  What am I going to do?

What if tomorrow there was this breaking news story and it was made law that we could no longer have Bibles in our possession. People came door to door collecting them.  Websites disappeared which had Bible references on them.  Facebook pages were banned from posting verses.  I Pods no longer had Bibles in them.  Just what if this all took place?  Would we have enough of the Word hidden our hearts to keep on the right track with God?  I think we would have a struggle in today’s society and its’ lack of respect for God.  I feel it would be easy to fall into the traps laid before us if we did not have such verses hidden in our heart like Philippians 4:13 and Psalm 46:10 or John 3:16.  How about the 23rd Psalm?  Would we be able to still speak life into others on what we do have hidden in our hearts?  Now don’t perceive this as judging because this is all about me and the lack of focus I have in my reading of the Word.

My point in sharing this devotion today is that I am asking for accountability and thus the reason for starting the Facebook Page:  Hiding the Word in Our Hearts.  It’s not a “read the Bible in a year plan” but more so a way of Christians reading together a certain chapter each week and memorizing one Bible verse per month to increase the Word in our hearts so that if some such disaster were to happen and we no longer had access to our Bibles we could still sustain our Christian walk and be confident in our knowledge of what the Lord is speaking.  We need to stay in tune with God so that when the war begins to get furious, we can walk in peace.  So, in short, who is with me?  I need this accountability and I would like to share this journey with the others in my life who need to also step up their game as far as hiding the Word in their hearts.  If you are ready to read through one, yes just one chapter a week and learn a new verse to have hidden for future reference, then look up Hiding the Word in Our Hearts on Facebook and let’s get started on this journey and begin to uplift each other!

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2 thoughts on “Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

  1. See ya there!!!! Reading this today… so many Scriptures came to mind! Thank you, Lord!! There was a time several years ago that I was complaining that I just couldn’t memorize verses… Well… the Lord sat me right down & started bringing them to me!!! One by one… don’t know how many there were… but He knows!!! He gets a giggle out of me, too! I have only “studied” the NIV translation of the Bible (since 1992, before then I would try, but it never made sense… and He showed me that it is all in His timing! Not mine!), but when Scripture comes to mind, it’s always in the KJV… just to prove that it’s Him bringing them to mind!!! He does have a sense of humor!!! (He mad me!! LOL) Trusting that He knows the beginning from the end… He has every step, every day, mapped out… before we were even born!!! We only need to be willing!!! God bless you, Brenda!!! (((hugs))) Tess

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