Breaking Darkness

I usually only post poetry in the Poetry Cloud, however this one is of major importance for me right now.  I have been feeling out of sorts lately and just all around struggling with things.  I am frustrated with my situation, yet I know God is speaking life into it.  I just have not been myself lately so tonight I began to follow the sun rays.  Sun rays were for me I was once told during a prayer time shortly after separating from my husband.  Every time I see them I am just filled with love.  Another sign of God’s love for me is deer.  Whenever I see deer, I am filled with hope and I know things are headed in the right direction.  Well as I was following the sun rays trying to capture a good picture in the freezing wind, I was led to the shore of Lake Michigan where I was lured to the Lighthouse rocks trying to capture shots of the waves crashing against them.  In a sudden moment I was swept up in a moment of release and in a split second as I decided to give it all to God I was freed from my chains I was currently wearing.  In an instant I felt the darkness leave and hope return.  In that one moment of time my joy was replenished and I could see straight again, breathe better and begin to see there was still hope.  As I left the lake I encountered two deer on a ridge.  One male, one female and to me they spoke unity and restoration in that moment of time!  Praise God for His continued goodness!

Psalm 107:14 He led them from the darkness and deepest gloom; he snapped their chains.

Breaking Darkness

 I followed the rays

light raining from the clouds

I sought You

I searched for You

wanting escape from this

darkness surrounding me

Wandering in a fog

not seeing the good

only dwelling on the disaster

feeling lost and alone

unable to shake the shroud of

darkness surrounding me

For days turning into weeks

it bound me to despair

encasing me in a fog

trapped in a sea of doubt, this

darkness surrounding me

Longing for release

I entered a searching journey

I sought after the rays

knowing they were for me

having been designed to bring me from this

darkness surrounding me

I followed them diligently

I went after in delight

the rays led me to the wind

which showed me the waves

telling me it was okay to leave the

darkness surrounding me

I stood at the edge

the water crashing waves at me

the wind whipping my hair

beckoning me to let go

to give it all in this moment, freeing me from the

darkness surrounding me

In a moment

I was swept away

caught in the fury of the wind

flooded by the waves of water

renewed by His presence

releasing me from the

darkness surrounding me

God swooped down

grabbed the chains

snapped them and carried them away

taking my breath away

freeing me from the extended

darkness surrounding me

I stood at the edge

the freezing waters receding

the sand ceased its’ movement

suddenly through the clouds

the sun came through in a haze of red

R E D E M P T I O N!

Gone was the

Darkness surrounding me

replaced by glory

Light flooded my being

freedom had returned

joy was replacing the

darkness that surrounded me!

I could walk again

I could breathe once more

Hope returned to me

we walked together

hand in hand

breaking darkness!

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Darkness

  1. Wow!!! Praise God!!! Beautiful words, Brenda! God bless you mightily!!!

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