Rest. & Heal.

“because God is your confidence in times of crisis, keeping your heart at rest in every situation.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:26‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Ugh. Rest.

(cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.)

Harder still. Heal.

(of a person or treatment) cause (a wound, injury, or person) to become sound or healthy again.

Please note. Both REST & HEAL are verbs. So my question is…. how exactly do we REST & HEAL if we are suppose to cease everything in order to recover?

If you follow after God long enough you will notice He has quite a sense of humor. I have realized in my walk with Him that often while I am doing one thing (rest) He is doing the healing part even when I don’t realize it.

While I am suppose to be resting, I usually find myself running instead. It is so hard to REST yet I know that it is necessary if I am ever to receive the healing. Now let me explain a little about me resting in my current situation.

I have recently decided I was going to live by faith (which is also a verb) meaning it takes action on my part. I have set up the gutted out home to resemble what it will look like when it is finished. The dining table is cleared off and in the place it will be used. It is decorated and I have things on the wall. The living room is set up properly as well as the kitchen and pantry. All of this required work on my part.

“But God, I thought I was suppose to REST & HEAL?”

I have discovered in order to rest & heal I have to do a little work. I cannot explain in words how it feels to come home to a house that appears to be in order. I am living by faith that God has the plan for how the walls and floors will be finished. He alone knows the Who, How, What and When. I have to REST in that knowledge.

As I begin to make this house into a home, I am healing. I have decided not to live in the past or repeat mistakes. There is no time like right now to heal.

I can’t say part of me still isn’t fustrated. After all winter is coming and I will need to reside downstairs again because it is impossible to heat the upstairs without ceilings and insulation. BUT. God already knew this was happening and just need to hold on a little longer because He is always right on time.

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1 thought on “Rest. & Heal.

  1. Amen sister!!! God is always in time!!!!!! 😊

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