Passing of the Baton

“But even if we are faithless, he will still be full of faith, for he never wavers in his faithfulness to us!”
‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:13‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Quiet mornings. Cool fall days. Pumpkin Spice everywhere. As the season of summer turns its’ baton over to fall there is some hesitation. Summer isn’t always ready to give up the course it is running. Summer only knows how to be summer. It is incapable of being anything else, so at the end of her part of the race summer knows it is time to rest until her next turn to shine.

Fall has waited with great anticipation for its’ turn to grab hold of the baton. It has spent months preparing for this moment. As fall anxiously waits, he watches the horizon for the first signs that summer is coming around the bend. His spirit begins to dream of falling leaves and brillant colors. He is focused on his part in the changing of the season. He looks forward to grabbing the baton from summer and racing towards the challenge of doing his part.

Suddenly, all in one graceful swoop, summer comes to the end of her race. She doesn’t gladly pass the baton to fall as if she was done with her season, but instead graciously hands it off and enters her much needed season of rest

As fall seiezes his right to run the season ahead his head is held high because he knows he is well rested and ready for the new untraveled road ahead. He has contained all of his excitement for this very moment and he is eager to pave the road for winter. He wants to run the race of this season with all that is in him. This is what he was created to do.

As summer saunters off into her final sunset of the season, she finds a quiet place and prepares herself for the long season of rest. She knows her time to run again will be here before she knows it and desires deeply to be prepared. Fall is off to a blazing start, colors follow after him in a brillant display. As fall gains ground the race is transformed into a perfect canvas of bright colors. Never has death looked so beautiful. For you see, the purpose of this part of the race is to bring death so that life can have a fresh season when fall passes the baton to winter.

As summer is resting and fall is racing it is the perfect moment in time to be still and know, that as seasons pass through our lives they have distinct purposes. Each one must be still while other seasons are running their course. It is in that stillness each season attains exactly what is needed to run their part of the race.

Therefore, learning to rest after each season is eminent for the growth of ones soul.

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2 thoughts on “Passing of the Baton

  1. What a beautiful picture of how season’s in life change. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to see my season as given to me from God!

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