For the Birds

“Jesus repeated his question the second time, “Simon, son of John, do you burn with love for me?” Peter answered, “Yes, my Lord! You know that I have great affection for you!” “Then take care of my sheep,” Jesus said.”
‭‭John‬ ‭21:16‬ ‭TPT‬‬

I love nature. I love animals. I love the simplicty of life. I like to feed the ducks, leave treats for the squirrels and just like my grandpa I like to feed the birds. I recently bought a bird feeder for my yard. I also have a small one at work. Usually the one I have at works feeds little red sparrows but yesterday the most peculiar bird came to visit.

At home, I have yet to see a bird at the feeder, instead I have seen a bazillion Squirrels tearing open the bird feeder, hanging upside down from it and having a grand ole time chowing on birdseed. I finally went out and put petrolem jelly on the pole and they are staying away. But so are the birds.

Yelling at the squirrels and poking fun at the mouse has gotten me nowhere. It has only left me frustrated to say the least. I just want to feed the birds. I want to see how many different ones come to visit and maybe capture a photo or two. But no. Just squirrels and mice.

Well. This got me thinking about christianity. What if we just feed the birds and ignore the rest of the creatures? I am wanting to feed the birds for my own selfish reasons and I am frustrated because the squirrels and the mice are partaking of what does not belong to them. Am I being judgemental? Should I have more compassion?

I know it may seem silly to be comparing christianity with animals but how often do we tailor fit our stories to entertain certain crowds? How many times do we not stop to help someone we see has a need while we are on our way to church? I am not pointing fingers or trying to stir the pot. I am merely wanting to shed some light on the subject of compassion.

In my comparison the mouse and the squirrels needed food just as much as the birds, yet I was mad. I was just trying to feed the birds who were not even interested in what I had to offer, while the others were very interested and partook of the feast. How many times do you think we have preached a sermon, wrote a blog, posted on Facebook or shared a story with an intended audience only to discover the targeted audience wasn’t really listening? However, we find out a person outside looking in, needed to see or hear what we shared. We never know who is watching. We don’t always see who is over hearing conversations. Compassion begins when we have the revelation that God needs us to have compassion for all who are lost.

All I know is that I was trying to feed the birds and they went hungry while the others walked into a feast.

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