Ready or Not

IMG_2552Psalm 61:2 [Full Chapter]

A David Psalm ] God, listen to me shout, bend an ear to my prayer. When I’m far from anywhere, down to my last gasp, I call out, “Guide me up High Rock Mountain!”
Life can certainly hit us from all sides if we are not prepared for it.  There also times when we THINK we are ready for life when something happens which rocks our world.  I have had many knocks and punches from the world.  Some I probably deserved due to poor choices and not clearly thinking things through.  Others just hit me straight outta left field.  I have had life sneak right up to me and say “BOO!” and I have had instances where all seemed so right.  We cannot control our lives, that is up to God.  We can only respond or react based on our past experiences.  We are a product of our environment some would say, but my questions is, “Why isn’t the environment a product of who we are?”
We were once dust.  One “poof” and we would be gone.  One great big gust of wind and we may never have existed.  BUT.  The God of this very universe saw fit for us to be a breathing, living being.  One who could create.  One who could love.  One who could find love in the arms of its Creator anytime it needed it.  How did we get so far from this existence?  I know, a lot has happened since God created Adam.  We have strayed so far from what love was meant to be.  My heart longs to feel that tangible love that Adam & Eve felt when they walked in the garden with Him.
So back to the environment issue.  I have learned through several different leaders that we are a carrier of the Presence of God.  Once we have accepted Jesus as our savior we carry Him where ever we go.  We now have the opportunity to speak life into some very lifeless situations.  We can change atmospheres.  Do you believe these things?  If we would grab a confident grasp on this we could create environments around us which are happy and content.  Ones where even if the worst was to happen we could speak life.  We would need to be very aware of our need for God in order for this to happen and also confident in our abilities within Christ to accomplish great things.
I am currently still in a very unfinished home.  I could be depressed. I could stay angry.  I could just give up.  But there is something within me that knows beyond the shadow of a doubt my God is up to something good.  I know he knows what happened to me and He has promised to never leave me or forsake me.  Because of this knowledge I just pray and praise.  I speak life into this house.  I write scripture in the bare open spaces knowing it will get covered up but I will always know it’s there.  I sing.  I dance.  I worship.  What could have turned into a very dark situation just brings me joy.  Sure, I get frustrated sometimes, especially with this social distancing but it is in those moments I have to amp up my environment creating.
We were created and brought to life for a purpose.  We must now put on our running shoes ready or not. God is about to do something BIG and we get to play a role in His epic plan.  Like a good friend of mine said last night, “We may not know the plan, but we have to trust that there IS a plan.”
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