The Antidote

“He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest on me.”
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭12:9‬ ‭WEB‬‬

What is happening? How can we stop this? Who will help us? Where can we find peace? When will all of this be over? These are questions we often ask in times of disaster in our lives. It doesn’t matter the cicumstances, whether we got there on our own or if our trouble was caused by someone else. When we find ourselves in a bad place in life we just want a way of escape. We need an antidote.

Webster describes an antidote as this;

something that counteracts or neutralizes an unpleasant feeling or situation.
Something or someone who can counteract or cancel with an antidote.

What if I said I know where the antidote is and the very name it has been given? How much would you pay for such great information? How far would you go to obtain it? Who would you share this great treasure with? When would you want to receive it?

I have found myself in some sticky situations over the years. Some of them due to my own choices in life. Some because of internal brokeness. Many a reflection of wrong perceptions. A few of them because of my longing to be loved, accepted and wanted. However, no matter how I arrived I always found away out.

I would pick myself up. Dust off the dirt and grime and “Get through it.” I had to laugh when I read the cough drop wrapper the other day. I love that there are inspirational messages on cough drops, however, when I read this I was offended. I looked at that wrapper like it was telling me to just get through this Covid -19 and just deal with it. I was shocked a tiny peice of paper could speak so loudly to my soul.

“Just get through it!” “Put on your big girl pants and push through!” “Figure it out!” “Better have a back up plan!” “There are plenty of fish in the sea!” “Move on!” “Chin up buttercup!” “Nothing is promised!” “Ain’t nothing free in life!” “What ya outta do….”

How many times have we heard these quotes? How many times were they said out of fear or pride? Sure, said in love some of these could have value but we need real answers without judgement and from a place of true compassion. How many of you read those above statements and cringed? Or cried? Or got angry? Or felt like failure was screaming at you?

Friends we need the antidote to fear, worry, anxiety, failures, doubts and our past wounds. We need a cure for our very souls. Our lives depend on finding the antidote to sin. Many have searched and came up empty handed because they could not accept this FREE antidote. For some, pride stopped them. Others quit because they felt they would never be good enough. Many felt it was unattainable.

Grace. Grace is the antidote. Grace is the answer to it all. Grace is a person named Jesus. He is the answer to all of those questions above. He is easy to find. Loves to be shared. Knows your every fear. Can heal all of the wounds you carry. Comes at no cost to you. Will meet you in your messiest situation.

The BEST part to this antidote is that once you accept Jesus you carry the antidote with you wherever you go.
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