Worthy of Freedom


If we truly believe in Jesus then why don’t we feel free?  Why do we still feel trapped in the past or by guilt? How come we still have thoughts about doing things we know to be sin?  What makes us return to the past events in our lives over and over again and we see it as a set back rather then realizing just how far we have come in Christ?  Defeated foe are we.  Back sliden.  Covered in shame.  Worried.  Distraught.  Struggling to be free from all sin and disaster.  That’s how so many Christians see themselves and it is so sad.

What causes us to feel like we will never be anything God created us to be?  One simple answer, Satan.  He will do everything in his power to make us feel defeated in all aspects of our lives. He does not want us to fill the Jeremiah 29:11 promise that God has given to us.

How do we come to know this freedom?  It is a daily recognition of the clear fact that Jesus paid the price for it ALL on the cross.  When He was crucified He bore all of our sin and sickness.  Upon that cross a victory was won over sin and death.  What Adam once gave to Satan, Jesus took it back in a moment of sheer sacrifice.  For you see Adam gave into Satan and his schemes and Jesus was sent to win our freedom back.

I often wonder what life would be like if Satan would have just stayed in heaven with God being the great choir director.  We would never know prison or guilt or failure or disaster.  We would only know God’s love.  We would not have to struggle with past train wrecks we would only know how to be free to roam the earth communing with God and having dominion.

But alas, we are here, knee deep in the failures of this world.  All we can do at this point is turn to God and ACCEPT the freedom we have in Christ.  If Jesus dwells within us then He is with us where ever we go and it is through His blood bought freedom that we are to live.  Confident that every victory has been won already by the King of all Kings.  We need to believe that we are children of the Most High God and that makes us royalty.

We are Kings Kids and we have access to the whole Kingdom!  Begin to believe in it!  Close your eyes and see it!  Your Daddy is the King of the Universe…that makes you pretty special 🙂

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