Words Speak

His Word
It heals
Though only words on pages
It’s alive
It breathes
It moves

His Word
It brings hope
The Word never gets old
New revelation daily
Lives are brought to life
Not a single word is void

His Word
It is Light
A house of lumination
Words of power
Leaping from the paper
Hearts are revived

His Word
Hidden in our hearts
Brings salvation
Contaminate lies
Broaden prospectives
Bring restoration to wreakage


Whilst sitting at Unity a local Christian concert..God spoke to my inner being and these were the words He spoke. Though Thousand Foot Crutch played loudly I could still hear and discern His voice.

How many times does God speak and we don’t take the time out of our business to even listen? No matter where we are…no matter what we are doing His greatest desire is for us to include Him in our lives…why??? Not because He is demanding. Not because He is nosey.  Not because He is selfish.

It is simply because He desires to have an intimate relationship with us. Yes it’s that simple. He just wants to spend time with us.

Today choose to be open to the possibilities of God. Listen for Him. Respond to Him. He just longs to be included in your life!

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