“Hey Mom, I’m Okay”

Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 MSG


Just recently in my own backyard to speak, a 20 year girl was enjoying her daily run.  A routine she had found herself in to become more fit.  Though she struggles with asthma she still pushes herself to become more active.  So this was just an ordinary run.  An ordinary day.  A quick run before a night of work which laid before her.  Ordinary until an attacker appeared in the bushes behind her.

He came from behind and tried to grab her, however upon contact she elbowed him in the ribs and broke free.  After he struck her across the face leaving a scratch and a bruise, she ran as fast as she could to the safety of her car and drove away.  Moments later I received a phone call, “Mom before you freak out, I am okay.”

No mother wants to hear what happened next to their little girl.  Yes I know she is 20 now and on her own but still.  As she unfolded the events that just happened to her I was glad to here she was okay.  Since this event she has met with police officers and sketch artists and seen a line up.  I pray this person is caught and that no one else’s little girl has to go such a trauma.

Now that you know my daughter is okay let me share why I am blogging on this subject because it all boils down to perfect peace.  As I began to share the news about the incident, people were asking me all sorts of questions such as:  Why are you not more upset?  Don’t you want revenge on this guy?  Why are you not worried?  What are you going to do about this?

To be honest, it did not hit me until about two days later the list of things which COULD have happened: murder, rape, abduction….a multitude of terrible things could have happened in that one 30 second encounter.  So why was I at such peace?  Because after years and years of walking on the edge of things, I am now centered in the heart of God and He promises to watch over me and my family.  I now can walk in perfect peace knowing God took care of my daughter that ordinary day and He will continue to do so.

Fear is not of God.  Fear is something we create in our minds when we do not have the full understanding of Who God is.  I am ever so thankful God spared my daughter from any further harm that day and I know He will give her the strength she needs to face this enemy.  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt my God watches like a hawk seeking to protect His children from harm.

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