Too Busy for Knowledge

Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people perish from a lack of knowledge. 


Ever wonder why we do not have time to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives?  Why are we too busy to do the two things God asked us to do:  Love one another as He loves and spread the Gospel?  I feel like two things are to blame for this, one being Satan busy distracting us and the other, our lack of knowledge in the Word.  Now I am not attacking anyone at all because I am not fully proficient in the Word myself and perhaps it is time for me to step up my game.

God instructs us not to become conformed to this world but to grow in the renewing of our minds by the reading of His Word.  Sometimes in day to day living we get too busy to even pop open the Bible to read a verse or two.  As for myself I get excited about a devotional only to find myself a week later “too busy” to keep up with it.  I also like to use the excuse of being in revival meeting four times a week and that’s where I get the Word.

Another aspect of being too busy for knowledge is that we get caught up in the news media and television.  We get so interested in what is going on all around us, we forget to focus on the very thing that God has right in front of us.  Yes some of us are gifted to help those who need rescuing from disasters and those who need specialized care in certain circumstances.  He does not design all of us with the same giftings, if He had we would be so busy helping the disaster victims that we would have a world full of depressed and broken hearted people with no one to help them.

Do you see the picture I am trying to paint?  People all around us are saying we are in the end times and the world is at it’s worst, but what are we doing to save the world?  What will save the people of this world is Jesus and if we just do the two things we were instructed to do, everything else will just fit like puzzle pieces and God will protect those who are under His wing of protection.

I myself need to dig a little deeper into God’s Word so that I may be filled with the knowledge that will allow me to life my life to the fullest.  When we read His Word we hide it in our hearts and it will stay there for eternity.  When we read the Bible we are filled with hope and we learn to discern what are giftings really are.  Yes this world is a crazy place but when we have the peace that passes all understanding, we are able to push through and accomplish the tasks God sets out for our lives.  Choose today to seek His knowledge and begin to life a life of freedom in Jesus.

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