Get Your Legs in Motion

1 Corinthians 9:26

So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing.
Life crawling  by too slowly?  Are you waiting to move forward?  Do you maybe not feel like you have a purpose?  Are you too afraid to put your first foot forward?  These are some legitimate questions to be asking oneself when it comes to what exactly are we doing with this life we have been given.  Are we not able to move simply because we lack the motivation that catapults us into what God has next for our lives?
We all need a kick in the pants sometimes to get us going when we are stuck in same place for too long.  Maybe we have given up on a dream we had because things we not moving at the pace we desired.  Perhaps we just got lazy and did not want to put forth the effort it took to move our destiny forward.  Whatever the reasons, it is time to pick it back up, go back to the promise from God and put legs to our dreams.
I myself have been in this funk about not moving fast enough.  I want to be a published author and things are just not falling into place.  I had even stopped working on the third book because I did not see the sense in it.  After some recent prayer with a friend, she said we should always go back to the promise God gave us or the next step He said to do.  If we trust in God for all things then we need to know that He is at work on His promises to us.  Yes, hard to wrap our minds around sometimes but is true.
What if we were to miss out on the opportunity of a life time because we just decided to stop moving forward?  What if we did not wait long enough and our blessing was just around the corner?  So many things can happen in such a short time.  Blessings can come out of nowhere, like when someone paid for me to get my dentures when I had given up on how to pay for them.
I encourage you, that if you have a dream and God has shown you that it is possible to keep moving towards it.  Forget what Satan is whispering in your ear.  Don’t listen to the voices that tell you it’s impossible….if it is God then It IS possible, we just have to  believe and sometimes remind God of His promises to us.  So let’s put legs to our dreams and get out of our shells, move forward and enjoy what God has in store for us right around the corner!
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