Center of Attention

Matthew 21:9

Jesus was in the center of the procession, and the people all around him were shouting, “Praise God for the Son of David! Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Praise God in highest heaven!”
As we are in Easter week it has been tugging on my heart about what Jesus suffered for us and yet we often just set Him aside in our busy lives and fail to allow Him to be the center of attention.  Just before He was to be hung on the cross, Jesus was a hero.  He was the Healer.  He was the Celebrity.  What happened?  How did He go from the center of attention to the back burner?
It makes me sad to think I walked away from Him being the center of attention for ten years in my life. Sure, I knew He was there and when things were going wrong I would call out to Him, however, having a relationship with Him was not high on my priority list.  I cannot play the “if only” game this scene either because it was my choice to go down the path I did.  I chose to not have God as the center of my world.  I wanted to do it all on my own and once I had my life back together I would put Him back into place.
Now that I have placed Jesus smack dab in the center of my life, things are running so much  smoother.  Life has begun to make sense and the cool part is that Jesus can be seen in my life now.  When we choose to place Jesus in the center, balance is evident.  Life is seen.  Lives are changed.  Hope is renewed.  Not because of us as people but because we allow ourselves to be used as a vessel of His light and people take notice.
I encourage each of you this Easter season to examine yourself.  Where is Jesus in your life?  Do you have Him in the center or is He on the back burner? Do others know that Jesus is a huge part of your life?  Just some food for thought, wish someone would have posed those same questions to me before I decided to let go of His hand for ten years.  Well perhaps they did but I wasn’t listening.
Jesus longs to be the center of attention in your life.  He wants to be the light in your life.  He wants you to be able to draw all men onto Him so that none shall perish into the fiery pits of hell.  Will you let Him be the center of your life?

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