Open the Window!

John 1:5

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
Time to break some boxes WIDE open!  For those who have accepted Jesus as their savior He now resides in their heart, right?  Well, if this be truth and He is the light of the world, then we also are the light of this world….right?  So, can anyone explain to me why so many of us Christians are like darkened vessels?  Why are we so caught up in our own darkness that we cannot see that we actually have the light that can make all of that disappear by the mere mention of a name….Jesus?
Several Christians right now walking this earth are of no help to anyone lost person simply because they have not chosen to open the windows of their hearts to let the light shine out.  They are so consumed in what’s wrong in their lives that they are hopeless and searching for someone to give them some light on the subject while all along they had the one tool they needed right in their own possession.  What a marvelous feeling to be saved, however even more remarkable is the wonderful feeling of the darkness being removed from the depression, self-conflict, self-doubt, consuming sins, lack of self-confidence, loss of identity and all the other lies of the enemy.  Freedom is in the light, open the window.
 When we choose to open the window we do two things at the same time, we allow Jesus to begin a healing work in ourselves and we are able to let the light of Jesus shine out to those around us.  When we submit ourselves to the light we no longer dwell in darkness which opens up our window of opportunity to pour into the lives around us who also need to have their darkness evaporated.  What joy can arise from the light when the window is finally opened.
I encourage each of you to pry open that window you have been keeping closed.  Allow Jesus to flood you with the light and let Him change you from the inside so that you can shine to the outside world.  I understand it may seem like the last thing you want to do, yet it will be the best move you ever made.  Opening the window does come with a warning….be ready to be changed and renewed by the light.  You life will never be the same but I assure it will be so much better!
.  We have but to love one another and share the Gospel where ever we go and if we walk in darkness all the time we will be unable to complete our task while we are here on earth.  There is freedom in the light, choose to open the window, let the Son Shine In so you can let His Light Shine Out through you.
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