Never Give Up!

2 Corinthians 4:16

That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.


I took 83 pictures today while at the lake and I took at least 1/2 of them of these silly seagulls trying to get just the perfect shots. I was not going to give up until I got one I liked and here it is.  I kept chasing after those birds and making them go into flight until I was satisfied with the outcome.  I was determined to catch the perfect angle and the best shot I could.  I was not looking for perfection per say, however, I wanted a good picture.  I wanted to capture something which I could share with others.  I just kept taking picture after picture until I thought I had the one I needed, then I could move on to the next subject.  Man, sounds like me and God!

How come we are satisfied where we are?  Why do we always just give in and never really let go of the things we need to surrender?  We often get so discouraged we just plop down where ever we are in life and accept our surroundings.  We figure we might as well just give up and quit because we are never really going any where.  We stop pressing into the things of God and just figure it’s not His will when really we should be letting go of the very thing we want to happen in our lives so that God can pick it up and take a hold of it.  God desires to bring things to life for us but when we are hanging on so tightly He cannot help.  Also when we stop trying and just set it aside, He can’t move either.

So here I stand with those books again.  Have I just given up on them ever getting published?  Why am I not taking this to God over and over again to show that I need something to happen.  If I want to get anywhere with the gift God has given me, then I need to press in over and over again.  I need to keep blogging and seeking His word to share with others.  I have to continue to share my testimony for it is by our testimonies others are healed and led to a better life.  So here I stand, I am not giving up but I am letting go.  I am placing all that I am… dreams, my hopes, myself and my life in God’s hands.  I am choosing in this moment that this life I lead is not my own.  I choose to believe fully that my steps are ordered by the Lord.  I stand firm on the Rock of my salvation, knowing that if I let it all go, I will never have to give up!

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  1. This article aceveihd exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

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