Just Be You—It Makes Satan Mad

Jeremiah 1:5
“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

Be this.  Do that.  Wear this.  Pick that.  Conform. Conform Conform.  Fit in.  Grow up.  Why can’t you be like your brother?  You are nothing like your dad.  Do this to look like a rockstar.  Have this surgery to make you feel better.  Demand after demand for us to change who we are.  Do we not believe in the Bible?  God knew us before we were even formed in the wombs of our mothers.  He designed us just as we are.  He loves us for who He created us to be, so why are we so determined to change what He set in motion?  Why do we have this drive to change who we are?

Well, my theory on this issue is simple, Satan.  Does it not make sense that he would want us to change so that we get off our path to our destiny? Satan will do everything in his power to change our course.  He will feed us lie after lie about who we are until we fall into trap after trap. We go on diets and dye our hair to make ourselves feel better.  We sometimes drink to fit into certain crowds even when its not really who we are.  Sometimes we start smoking to look cool and it ends up staying with us for years.  So many different aspects of life we fall into that really are not of God.

So my point in this all is easy, how do you keep Satan away from your life?  Just be you.  Just accept who you are in Christ and go with the flow of the river of life.  Color you hair if you choose, but do it because it makes you happy, not to appease someone else.  Laugh out loud in public even if Satan does not want you to be happy.  Fall head over heels in love with your mate, no matter what it looks like to the world around you.  There is no such thing as “too happy” when you are residing in Christ.  I urge you now to shake off the things of this world and begin to discover the real you.  The more you become yourself, the madder Satan will get, and that’s a good thing.

Be who you were designed to be by our Creator.  Choose right now to become the child of God you have always dreamed of being.  Be real.  Be free.  Today just choose to be who you are.  Start you day by making this statement out loud (filling in your name in the blank):  “Today I am choosing to be just ____________.”  The more days I choose to be just Brenda, the smoother things seem to go. Try it, see what God can do where you are seeking after His desires for your life.

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1 thought on “Just Be You—It Makes Satan Mad

  1. Rev. Manuel Chacon November 9, 2012 — 5:38 am

    Sometimes we are born with some bad defects in our face, or body that need to be re-done, or we have a accident. Somethings we should not accept if it is possible to change. It is not funny to go into a round and every body looks at you, and starting laughing, or smiling. Children can be very rude to a persons defect. Something we can live with. God made Doctors to heal us, and transform us. We can accept ourself, but must people will not not. Bring Free in Jesus, and staying within his gulidlines, and there a place for everything. This week I will have 50 years marryed. My wife will not let me kiss her in public, nor not respect her with my hands. I honor her for that. I seen young couples in Church doing what you do seeing a movie. They lose alot of points, and respect because lack of wisdom. Bring with Jesus is having joy, fun, and hard work.Don’t do anything that is right, but looks bad, or ruins your self respect. We are always Christians, and there should be a differents to a non_christian. If you can’t tell the different by seeing a person. Something is wrong…someplacel. We are always God Children.. 23-7. My wife keep reminding me. “Hey your a Minister” I forget sometimes.I can’t let it all hang-out, and go bananas. I represent Jesus, and God Almighty.ALL THE TIME. Just like Jesus loves us ALL THE TIME!. The tree is known by its fruit is gives. Real love is about 50 percent phyical. It is not about kissing, or hugging.in public, but deep love of caring, doctoring, helping,with things go bad. She or He is there for you all the time. When I see a couple out in the street hugging, and walking like there are one person.all the time, I see too much physical love, is not real love.It is a mental, or phycial need. Why do we have to show people in puble “Hey someone loves Me” Like putting up a sign. Can you be yourself, and be with Jesus? The I, person must die. We live for Jesus. Part of what your writing everyone pasts that period.. It is part of life. Once we start doing what we want. We pay a price for it.
    Keep your eyes on Jesus, Your doing great, God bless you, and your family… The Rev.

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