Always Planned Out

Psalm 37:23
The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.

Ever just been freaking out about something?  Trying to make sense of where you are suppose to be going in life?  You toss and turn at night thinking up ways of accomplishing things?  You plan every detail of your day out and then something goes wrong, throwing everything into a tailspin.  Perhaps you were sure that you knew what was suppose to happen only to discover, God had different plans.  That very thing has been happening over and over again in my life and I am finally beginning to sit back and rely on God to do His thing.

Just today I was trying to get stuff pulled from the trailer in preparation to move into my dad’s house for awhile and I was contemplating calling about having the trailer pulled out and destroyed when God just filled us with revelation  Why get rid of a paid for trailer when my daughter was in need of a place to stay?  She could afford the rent and it would be close to work.  Funny how I never thought about it before.  Now, granted there is a lot of work that needs to be done, but leave it to God to work this out too.  He provided a man who is willing to gut the trailer completely and rebuild it.

How amazing is our God that we really do not need to think things out for ourselves?  If He has already ordered our steps then why do we think we need to do anything but pray for direction?  I have so much peace about the next few months as I move in to my dads, my daughter gets the renewed trailer, I get married and we move into our new home when God says it’s time. For now I am content to be staying with my dad and being able to take care of him.  I am happy God is working things out in the order He already designed.  I am very eager to stay in this time of total surrender, allowing God to do what He wants with my life.

Are you ready to let go and let God?  Maybe it is time to just let things be.  Time to stop worrying and fretting about your next steps.  Relax, God has it all under control and things are already set in motion by God Himself.  Who are we to change His plans?

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