Got Fire Light?

Matthew 5:14
“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

City lights. Porch lights.  Flashlights.  Fireflies.  Light bulbs.  Flood lights.  Houselights.  Spot lots.  Lighthouses.  Candles. Fires.  Headlights.  Lighters.  Christmas lights.  Sunlight. Lamps.  Heat lamps.  Street lights.  What do all of these things have in common?  They shed some form of light on things in our lives.  What do these various forms of light have to do with this Christian blog?  Glad you asked….we as Christians are suppose to be the salt and light into this world and together we become like a city on hill, lit so all can be led to know Christ.  Now, the reason I point out the different levels of light available is because I want to show how we can choose the strength of our light in the world.

Let me show you a couple of examples.  We could choose to be a Flashlight or Lamp Christian where we can be turned off and on whenever we are needed, never really being a steady shinning light to draw people to Jesus.  Or we could be Spot Light Christians, only shinning where we think it is necessary.  How about Christmas lights?  Only on for the holiday seasons.  Headlights are guiding as well as lighthouses.  Yes the sunlight is always shinning, yet it can be covered in cloudiness or so intense you need to get out of its’ path.

What about those fireflies?  They only come out at night and cannot be seen in the daylight.  People are so fascinated by them they catch them in jars and just watch them while they fly aimlessly about their new home.  All these different forms of light that we can be and so many of us fit into one of those forms, yet God is calling us to be the Light of the world.  He calls us to become like a city on the hill, lit with His Light, beckoning all to come to accept Jesus.  Why do we not desire to be set on fire for Jesus so that we will ever burn bright for God?

I want to be a Fire Light.  I desire for God to set me ablaze for His purpose in my life.  I want Him to fan the flame each time I seek His presence in prayer.  I want to be kindled to life as He feeds me His Word.  I want to burn so bright those who have not come to know Jesus will be drawn by the heat and the passion I carry for my God.  I want to be a constant light into the darkness of the world.  One that will destroy the enemies attacks on God’s people.  A fire which seals the broken hearted forever from revisiting the pain they once knew.  A fire that quenches out the darkness and gives life to the remains.

Lord, set me ablaze as I surrender myself to Your will.  Let me become a Firestarter in the hearts of others so that they too may come to know You to the fullest.  Take me where You need me to be.  Use me as a guiding light for the lost to search out so that they may find You.

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  1. Good word sister Brenda!

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