Unburying the Bones

Psalm 69:5
O God, you know how foolish I am; my sins cannot be hidden from you.

Today, John and I visited a friend’s church and something the pastor spoke of resonated in my spirit that I thought I would share and elaborate on for today’s blog.  How many of us have sinned?  (no need to raise your hands, we all have sinned and fall short of the glory..it’s just a starter question) Now, how many of us have sinned and asked for forgiveness and really let it go?  Furthermore, how many of us just take our sin and bury it somewhere inside hoping it will just go away?  How can we ever pretend to think we are really hiding anything, especially from God?

Just like a dog receiving a bone and taking it outside, burying it and then digging it up because they think someone has discovered where they had buried and then they move it to a new location and bury it again.  Over and over sometimes they complete this process.  Sometimes they  dig it up and eat it, then it is gone forever, but most times they bury it and forget it is even there at times, leaving it to surface after a heavy rain or a good raking of the yard.  Then they are in a panic because the bone is now exposed and everyone will see it.

Can you see how this is related to our own sin?  We commit a sin and instead of going to God right away and asking for forgiveness, we bury it somewhere deep inside hoping to just forget about it.  Then we hear a sermon or we talk to someone and we get convicted by the Holy Spirit and it sets us into a panic.  We get worried someone has seen our sin, so we go looking for where we buried it and move it to a new location deeper inside.

Then there is the sin we bury so deep within us that we even forget it is residing there, until a storm in our life comes or a new stirring comes and it is revealed.  Sometimes these things surface in new relationships and we have a choice to leave the sin exposed and deal with it or continue to hide it.  No matter what the sin is, it does us no good to bury deep within ourselves for we never know when it will resurface itself in our lives.

If we would only learn to just surrender the sin we have committed right away to God and let it be gone forever, by doing this we could have so much more freedom in our lives.  Instead of being consumed by how we are going to keep our sins hidden, we could be focused on creating new right relationships not built on any hidden guilt.

Do you have some hidden bones?  Are you ready to dig them up and give them to God?  Did you know that He already paid the price for the sin with the death of His Son on the cross?  I know I have some bones to toss out, I am ready to swallow my pride and let them go.

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