False Entitlement

“Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring.” Proverbs 27:1 NLT

How many of us believe money grows on trees?  I would certainly hope none of us truly believe in that silly statement.  However, let us push into this issue a bit farther, shall we?  How many of us think we deserve the best of everything?  We think we deserve love that is real and flamboyant   We feel like we deserve the best of the best.  We want things in life before we can handle them and this is were we falsely think we can obtain more than we deserve.  Yes God wants us to have love.  He desires for us to be wealthy and provided for, however because of all the brokenness in our lives, we search for answers to questions we should not even be asking.

As I stood in the middle of a drug infested home, I always felt like I deserved better than what was surrounding me.  I argued with God almost daily towards the end of my battle.  Why don’t we have money to buy a new home?  Why did we have to get the gas shut off? Why do I have to daily search for empty bottles and cans just so I can put food on the table?  I have a good job.  I have enough money for these things but it has all been stolen.

That was the mindset I was in for several years and as soon as I was released, what did I do?  I bought clothes and shoes and things I really wanted that I thought I deserved.  I did not care that I had bills which needed to be paid, I felt I deserved these things because of all the hardship I had endured.  I did not have a desire to budget my finances.  I just spent until it was gone.

Thank God, He showed me the path I was on was false entitlement.  I was trying to gain back everything I thought I had lost, except I could not see it was all materialistic.  I have since sought the Father and asked for Him to show me how to not feel entitled to “things”.  I wanted to have things because He provided them for me.  Once I learned this principle for my life, I have received so many things just from the love of God it would take pages to describe all of His goodness towards me.

If you are finding that you over spend or feel like the world owes you something, I encourage you to take a step back and pray.  Ask God to reveal to what you may be wanting or feel like you are entitled to.  Begin the process of healing from this broken state of mind and open yourself up to the provision of God, for He does promise us the desires of our hearts.

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