Bigger Than the Storm

Proverbs 10:25
When the storms of life come, the wicked are whirled away, but the godly have a lasting foundation.

How many of us our consumed by the storms of our lives?  How many live in needless fear of being tossed in the wind or drowned by the rain when a storm comes into their life?  What if we knew we were bigger than the storm?  Perhaps if our strength is strong enough we will weather the storm and come out unharmed but what if our strength fails us.  What if we had enough faith that it didn’t matter if it was storming at all?

I pondered this yesterday as I was taking some pictures after a recent storm.  As you can see the one I posted is composed mostly of “popcorn” like clouds and then are these two little black clouds just passing by.  What if we thought of the white as faith and the black as life storms.  If our faith is big, then the storms appear to be nothing.  We tower over them with this confidence some others just cannot see.  They stand bewildered as to how we can be calm in the midst of storm, to me it’s all about perspective and where we stand in our faith.

I have been through some pretty rough storms, ones where there was more black than white and as I look back on those moments in my timeline, I can clearly see I was not filled with faith.  In fact mostly it was times when I was wondering where God was in my life.  It was points in my life when I was not trusting God to take care of my storms.  Now I can clearly see how the above picture fits into my life much better.  My faith is much larger and I no longer fear the storms when they come.

How I desire for your storms to be small.  I pray you can have enough faith to rise above your storms as they arise in your life.  I pray your faith is strong enough to weather anything that comes at you and that you will be able to trust God to take care of your storms.  I also hope that after going through your storm and seeing how God took care of things for you that your faith will grow so strong that nothing will knock you down.

If right now your storms seem so overwhelming, try to find the white in it and start building your faith so that you will begin to overcome.  Press into God and ask Him to show you how He handles the storm.  Glean from it what you will need to pass through the next one.  I promise you will begin to get stronger and your faith will soon become so great a storm will have no meaning to you.  Trust God, follow after love and soon storms may become something you welcome into your life.

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