Ordering Life

Job 3:23
Why is life given to those with no future, those God has surrounded with difficulties?

Today in class, we learned about planning our lives out and mixing work with pleasure and family with co-workers and appointments with work assignments.  There is a lot to living this life.  We often are pulled in a million directions at once and we are overwhelmed and overworked, losing sight quickly of the dreams we actually had for our life.  If we lived in a perfect world, our lives would be laid out for us and we would have perfect balance, however this is not the case. Instead we are consumed by life and we have no order.

We have but one short life, described in the Bible as a vapor in the wind.  We spend so much time focused on so many other things we think are important when in reality these are just distractions for the things we really should be focused on.  We run around this planet keeping ourselves so busy we miss out on the really important things which should matter the most.  How many of us have taken on jobs to support our families only to end up neglecting them in the end because we let work consume us?

God is a God of order and He calls us daily to spend time with Him.  How many times do we say we are too busy for Him?  Do we often rush out of the house before we do our devotions?  Do we choose to listen to the latest news on the way to work instead of worship music?  There are so many things we do everyday to avoid God, it is of no surprise we make the wrong choices so often.  If we could actually focus and order our lives so that we put God and His desires for our lives first how much closer would be to our dreams?

I had taken this class before in my McDonalds career, however, it was at a time in my life where I was too consumed with life to take it seriously. After I separated from my husband three years ago, some of these things came back to me and I began to refocus my life.  I began to pursue my dream of being a writer and wow, I have written two books already and starting on a third.  It was in a moment when I decide to put God first again in my life that I began to see I could reach my dreams.

I encourage each of you to begin today to “order life”.  I urge you to get a planner and begin to find the balance you can have between work and life in general. If you have two planners  right now, one for work and one for home, learn how to combine them for more effective planning.  Life matters and when it is well planned, we can find balance.  We can achieve our dreams. We can be less stressed and more happy.

How will you “order life”?  Will you begin to be a better planner?  Who do you think this will benefit?  You? Your family? Your co-workers? Your boss?  Planning has endless possibilities.

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