Give Not to Receive

Matthew 10:42
And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”

Ever wonder why we get unexpected blessings some times?  Just odd things happen in our lives which we may or may not be able to explain, yet they are wonderful blessings when the happen.  Take for instance the donation for my dental work. Who just gives $5,000 to someone, not wanting anything in return?  I will ever be grateful to whomever donated the funds to help restore me as a person so I can freely smile again.  Then the thought occurred to me, what could I have possibly done that warranted me receiving such an awesome blessing?  Not sure I could pin point anything specific, but it sure makes one want to keep blessing others in return, not in expecting a blessing, but because we can see how God works it  out and that’s the fun part.

Okay, blessing someone with the intentional purpose of receiving a blessing in return is certainly not the right way to go about doing what the Lord asks of us.  But how many do something for someone else only to grumble later that they never received anything in return?  We need to bless with a humble heart knowing we are pleasing God by doing so.  We must be careful so as not to cross that fine line into blessing for a result of some sort.  Through the grapevine, still not having a clue who paid for my dental work, I have heard they received some bountiful blessings and God is working in their lives.  I can almost say without an ounce of doubt they never intended to receive a “reward” for blessing me, however they understand the simple principal of giving.

Giving is simple when done with the right attitude and it does not always have to be something huge or grand.  I bought a Bible for a young boy at a Christian festival this passed summer and the joy I received from his excitement was enough “reward” for me.  I do not pretend to know what God has planned out for that boys’ future, but surely placing a Bible in his hands was the start of planting a seed.  I have blogged about other blessings I have given and received, but the joy comes in the giving because we can’t always put two and two together and figure out just what our blessing is in the end.  I just know that blessing others brings joy to both parties involved and I believe that is the way God intends it to happen.  Some times when we bless, we are removing a burden from someone else and that surely makes it all worth it.

Sometimes I just find little things that I know would make someone smile, that’s a blessing.  Sometimes it is paying for the rest of an order when someone does not have enough money at the check out register.  I did that this Christmas season and the lady hugged me, that was pretty awesome.  Today I blessed someone by just listening to them and giving them a little of my time.  I was out taking pictures of a recent snow storm and he just happened to stop to talk.  Sure my toes were frozen but I knew he needed to talk a bit and he shared his love of wildlife and photography.  Now I may never see this person again in my life, but giving someone a little of your time can mean so much.

There are so many ways to bless others in this crazy, busy world. God makes it very clear that even if we just give a cup of cold water to someone, He sees it as blessing.  That makes me excited and want to give.  God has commanded us to love one another and what better way to show love then to bless?  Even just complimenting someone is a blessing, it surely will make them smile and may change their attitude for the rest of the day.  There are so many endless possibilities for the ways you can bless someone else.  Take for instance, it is winter time and some areas get snow, brush someones car off or shovel some random driveway.  Just do something from your heart with the intention of blessing them and making their day a little brighter.

I can assure you the more you bless the more blessed you will be.  The Father is watching and He sees and surely smiles when joy bursts out because a blessing was just given and received with no further motives.  I challenge us all in 2012 to increase our blessings to others.  You don’t need tons of money or time.  Choose the simple things and as you grow more accustom to blessing others, allow God to really begin to use you. Nothing is impossible for God and you are a carrier of His presence, therefore you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.  Be Blessed by going and blessing others around you.

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