It’s Not Always Golden, Yet I Seek the Mountain

Matthew 7:14
But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

photo by Victoria Welc

There are days when the gate to peace is hard to find.  Sometimes the path is strewn with debris from our lives and it is hard to see the provision which is right beyond the fog and smoke which has suddenly appeared before us.  How many times in our lives have we spoken the words, “Not sure how I am going to handle this”, only to discover God was in control all along and had a plan?  Don’t you just want to smack yourself for doubting God for a moment?  These types of things happen every day in the life we live.  Losing our job, cut pay, cut hours, unforeseen bills or emergencies, car accidents, house fires and losing loved ones.  All of these things make it difficult to see God, yet every time He turns it to good.  How does He do that?  Jeremiah 29:11….He already planned our lives.

If our loving Father already has everything worked out for us, then it has to be good.  Sometimes because of our own decisions and choices we end up far away from the path and we miss the open gate.  Soon though God searches you out like that lost sheep and brings you back to safety, proving once again there is no greater love than Him.  I cannot tell you how many times I have said out loud: “It must be a God thing” in my recent past.  Circumstances I just did not understand turned around quicker than I expected and I was once again following the right path.  This brings me to my next lesson which I am currently walking through, or should I say upon?

We are sons and daughters of the King and we are given all we ask for in the perfected timing of God.  We need to learn to live above our circumstances at all times so that we may always be controlled and not flying off the handle every time there is a bump in the road.  If we linger above what could possibly throw us into a tailspin then not much can affect us.  If we remain calm and cool when approaching things we just don’t understand at the moment, the greater our peace will be. The greater our peace, the more we can increase in the things of God.  God desires to set us on the top of the mountain so that all we have to do is have our eyes focused on Jesus and while we are enjoying the serenity, God can be at work in  our lives.

So the next time you feel your life is just one non-stop roller coaster ride, take yourself out of the car and place yourself spiritually above your circumstances and be an observer, not a participant.  Let God make the moves for you as you focus on a relationship with Jesus and growing closer to Him.  I cannot pretend to know all the answers to what is taking place in our lives, but I sure know that if I was not focused on God right now, I would be going stir crazy and filled with worry. As the end times keep growing ever more near, this world is going to get crazier and more bizarre by the minute.  Things which were not once tolerated will become normalcy and we will begin to see a glimpse of what the end times entail.  I know I want to be above my circumstances in these last days because it take the pressure off of trying to fit into the world.  As you are focused solely on Jesus this world begins to grow strangely dim more and more each day.

Today can be a first step to keeping your road golden and it can simply begin by putting yourself above your circumstances.  Learn to let things go knowing God is in control.  If God desires it for your life, He will make it happen.  Just like this house I desire, I know it’s the one and God will provide a way for it, I just have to slow down and look for what He provides along the way.  God is faithful and He will turn every bad situation to good for it is there in those moments His glory rises and hope is renewed and seen by those who are just watching to see what will happen next.  How you react to things is huge and can impact many a person who is trying to decide if maybe God should be a part of their lives.  The more we live above the things which seek to destroy us the closer we get to living on the mountain top.  I am destined for the mountain, want to join me?

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6 thoughts on “It’s Not Always Golden, Yet I Seek the Mountain

  1. I’m going to try to leave a msg again, I will see how it works. I appreciate your words, your sincere love of the Lord and others, and the endearing way you share your heart! Bless you, Brenda. I enjoyed Victoria’s photo, also!

  2. Thanks Rachel! As far as Victoria’s photo, she has some mad skills in editing! If you saw the original, you would be amazed! Thanks so much for all of your encouraging! I am asking God to make it possible for us to meet! It would just be an honor!!! Love ya Sis!

  3. Oh this is just beautiful. The lord really works through you’re such an inspiration and a blessing!

    1. Thanks Tracey, now let’s pray the book finds it way to book shelves:) Just finishing it up and getting ready to see a publisher. I know God will make a way if it is His will! I am placing it in His hands and remaining a open vessel! Be Blessed!

  4. Wow! Your writings are just where I am… Mountain-top experiences come, in His timing, but the valleys are green with growth (or it turns into a lake… lol!)… To get our focus on Him (and keep it there) & His plans for our lives is the key to happiness in this world!!! I am thankful that this is not my home!! God bless!!!

    1. Very well said!!! And I am honored to be traveling the same road with you!

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