Who is Using Who?

Isaiah 64:8
But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand.

Jeremiah 18:2
“Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will announce My words to you.”

Wow! Today God has given me a taste of what He desires to do in my life.  After some letting go recently and some reflection time, I wrote yesterday about all the things God wants me to see in my life.  Today after being commissioned into service for a special teen weekend next week, I am filled with  compassion I have never felt before.  When we open ourselves up to the possibilities of God, we never quite know what will happen.  Often we do not say yes to God because the world tells us that we can’t or we shouldn’t and as the world demands most of our attention we begin to take on its’ mindset, forgetting we are royalty and who we really belong to.  This blog idea came from me writing a note to a dear friend just now and God has laid into my heart to elaborate.  Here is the statement:

“Just remember, God uses you, you don’t use God.”

Wow, some power there in a few simple words.  It instantly hit me that we are created by Him for His purposes.  Yes some things got in the way such as Satan and sin, but ultimately we were created to please God..ya know the maker of all things, the true definition of love, the giver of the air we breathe, the provider, the healer, the all knowing, the all powerful…need I go on?  We all know we have a purpose to fulfill and God surely knows since He is our designer and He, as the potter, is always smoothing out the rough edges and renewing our structures as we allow Him to in surrender.  We are but mere vessels for His purposes.  Why cannot we not accept this for our lives?  We are to be filled with Him, poured out and then return to Him to be filled again.  Each time we return to Him for a refill it is greater than the last.  Why do we feel so unworthy?

We must visit the Potters house often.  We need to be filled with the things of God, not the world. The world corrupts our thinking and perverses our perception of how God sees us.  We begin to accept so much of what the world thinks about us that we start to think God sees us that way too.  Well, I am here to word it out to you:  God is Love and He sees the desired person you were meant to be.  God does not look at you and see your sin, He sees His creation, His beloved son or daughter.  Why can’t we grasp this in total acceptance?  Because, our past wounds and disasters creep in and we begin to say, “but God, this happened, but God, I did this….”  anybody been there or are you there right now?

We were created to be USED, not by the world and its’ wickedness by but God, the Maker of Heaven and earth, the perfecter of true Love!  We need to start accepting the image in our heads of a loving Father, no matter what our earthly father was, we need to see God for who He really is.  God desires us to follow Him, He wants us to lift our arms in surrender to Him so that we may receive ALL of what He wants to give us.  He wants to use us to change the hearts and minds of those hurting around us.  He wants to see His Son in all of us and that cannot come to pass if we are holding so tightly to past regrets and old wounds.  How often do we hide behind God?  We use Him instead of Him using us.  We only go to Him when things are tough or we tell people about how God moved in our lives but never go to God and claim it for them.

We all have Victory in Jesus.  All who have said the sinners’ prayer and accepted Jesus into our hearts are saved and precious to God and it was a free gift, why are we not giving it away?  Why are we walking in what we think is righteousness but have not sincerely prayed for someone?  In love we are forgiven of all of our sins.  In love God takes care of our needs.  In love He created us for a purpose on earth and surely it was not to become like the world for He commands us not to be conformed to its’ ways.  As I enter into this new way of thinking, no longer will I USE God, I will allow Him to use me how ever He sees fit.  If He created me, then He should be allowed to use me.  Read that again.  Yes, we need to allow God to use us.  Raise your arms right now is surrender, don’t wait until later, do it now.  Ask God to move into your life and give Him permission to use you for whatever His desire is. (and don’t wake up tomorrow regretting that you just did that)

Remember, He holds the master plan for our lives.  He already knows what your life looks like.  He is leading you like a shepherd, are you following even when you cannot see Him right before you?  Start today to open yourself up.  Rise above the self-pity and the doubts which are holding you back from the awesome things God has for you.  Amazing is the feeling you get when you know that you know God is using you, believe me He will confirm it.  There is no greater joy than knowing God is using you to advance His Kingdom and that’s what it is all about, bringing Heaven to earth so that peace may abide in the hearts of His people.  See yourself as that vessel God wants to use and see how God will use you.

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4 thoughts on “Who is Using Who?

  1. Once again my Dear Sister a Big Wow…..Thank you…..Powerful! Have a Blessed Jesus filled day………

    1. WOW was what I said too as I reread it. I surely was taken over last night:) Be Blessed!

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