He Showed Up


Colossians 3:9-10

New American Standard Bible (NASB

………since you laid aside the old [b]self with its evil practices, 10 and have put on the new self who is being [c]renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him—

Ever just sit soaking in the presence of God listening to music and ask Him a question?  A bona fide serious question not knowing what God will show you or reveal to that perhaps you had some wrong thinking about?  How often do we have pity parties in the dark because we feel as though we are not living up to God’s  expectations?  Feeling slightly out of order so to speak because we feel we are not hearing clearly or God did not perform some miraculous action in our life in awhile.  Not knowing what the answer will be or how He will show up, we ask for wisdom, direction, healing, correction and forgiveness.  Sometimes we cry out because we just have this burning question we don’t want to try to figure out on our own.

Tonight as I attending a soaking/teaching class, I sat down got out pen and paper and wrote to God this simple question: Lord, what do You want me to see tonight?  I then proceeded to circle the word “see”, closed my eyes and sought after God in the aroma of worship which had started.  Soon there He was instructing me to write what He was going to whisper in my ear.  I was ready to write the things He wanted me to see, however the first word He had me write was : Not.  Hmmmm…a bit baffled as to what would come next, but what followed was so what I needed to hear in the moment I was in.  Now since I vowed to be open and honest in my blog, the following is my list from God:

Not your circumstances currently, –Not your failures, –Not your misjudgements, –Not your lack of ability, –Not your lack of goals and –Not the empty promises


+SEE My provisions, +SEE I am in control, +SEE My love, +SEE My works in your life, +SEE Me in your family, +SEE Me at your job, +SEE I have a Master Plan, +SEE Me turn bad into good, +SEE My Hand upon you, +SEE Me leading you our of the valley, +SEE Me healing, +SEE Me protecting and + SEE YOU HAPPY!!!!

All the minus signs and the plus signs are intentional and so is the bold lettering and the capitalization. God was surely trying to make is clear that He is working in my family, my marriage, my finances, my job and my home situation.  He is asking me to trust and continue in faith.  He pointed out the things which have no relevancy on what He has planned, in fact the minus ones are most likely holding me back from the promises He has for me.  Much like yesterday’s blog when I mentioned all the grumbling, I do not want to be blindsided by the negatives in my life and miss out on reaching the promise land!  I will meditate on this list this week and I urge you to ask God the same question I did and SEE what He shows to you.

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5 thoughts on “He Showed Up

  1. Good word, Brenda! Thanks for sharing. ❤

  2. So often I am focusing on what I am not..This is very good!! I am doing a new thing at http://faithliveshere.wordpress.com I am still working on it..

    1. Yes we often have the wrong focus, God is trying to make that clear to me. Be Blessed!

  3. Wow….believe this was meant for me and many….it is so easy to get on the pity pot and I am very good at it…..then the message comes threw, as you just wrote, your eyes start to open and you know that you know God is in Control….Walk by Faith not by Sight….sometimes very hard to do but God is Always there waiting for us to Hold His Mighty Hand…..and to Trust Him with everything in our lives….You truly Bless me everyday with your Inspiration my Dear Brenda…..Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart and Glory Be To God The Father……Love, your sister in Christ Jesus……..Tina

    1. I am quickly falling in Love with God all over again as He uses me to show others His goodness. I too have struggles yet others are seeing God in what I am writing, daily! It is so encouraging! Tina may you answer His call for your life and may He move mightily in your life from this moment on. Ask and you shall receive is a living breathing verse. It applies to so many aspects of our lives. Often we do not ask for much when God really desires to give us so much more!

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