One Minute Alone With God

“[God Alone a Refuge from Treachery and Oppression.] For the choir director; according to Jeduthun. A Psalm of David. My soul waits in silence for God only; From Him is my salvation.” Psalm 62:1 NASB

(I love when the verse of the day is the very verse I need)

How Happy You Will Be After One Minute With God!

Continuing with the theme of taking just one minute to spend with God in the morning, I remember I had written something for my boss awhile back and thought I would share it with you.  This was written two years ago as I watched a very stressed man try his best to balance family, career and God.  Mark has now gone on to be with the Lord and he is dearly missed, but little reminders of him and his mannerisms still linger in my mind.  I wish I could have helped define more clearly the peace I had found since letting go of my marriage and letting God have total control.  I was beginning to walk down the road to recovery and I wanted to show Mark just how I was letting it happen.  I wanted so much for him to have peace in his life.

Beginning our day with God is one thing and it sets us in the right direction for a day which will be filled with His presence, however, some days are just bad and we need some extra time to soak in God.  In my profession as a restaurant manager, my days are fast paced and often hectic, not allowing for a whole lot of time to sit and contemplate the things of God.  So here is what I do, HIDE.  I take a moment in the freezer or the restroom or try to lock myself in the office for a moment.  If I cannot escape to any of these locations, well, I just start singing softly to myself, usually Amazing Grace or something other worship song (except for today when I broke out in “Old McDonald had a farm”) that is running around in my spirit realm.  Almost instantly my focus is regained and I am able to move forward without losing too much of my cool.

So here is what I sent to my boss in hopes of giving him some relief and a focus tool for when things just seems to be too much.  I hope it will be a helpful tool for you as well.  Be Blessed!


When things are not going as planned. Everything seems to be crashing all around us. Phone calls are disrupting our peace. One disaster after another, a continuous stream of fires to put out. This is when we need to close the door. Turn of the phone for just one minute, sit down somewhere and thank God for all the good things He as given unto us. When we begin to think of all the things God has provided for us, no matter how small or insignificant they may be, we begin to find inner peace.

As we mature into adult Christians this becomes easier. When we begin to know God gives us peace in an instant, then all we need is a minute to regain our composer so we can refocus our energies on positives in our lives rather than negatives. The world is cruel, things are falling apart all around us but how blessed are we that we just have to close our eyes and connect with God. Sometimes it just takes turning on a favorite Christian cd in our car or at our desk. Sometimes it’s going outside for a brief adventure, just to get a glimpse of what God wants you to see.

So when things are going completely in the wrong direction, just take one minute to thank God for whatever comes across your mind at the moment. Even if just thanking Him for the green light on the way to work so you were not late. Something as simple as thanking Him for the sunlight, the rain or even just the fact He loves you no matter what. I urge you today to spend one minute with God. Just one minute. You’ve got voicemail or an answering machine right? If it’s really important they will find a way to touch base with you. Just one minute alone with God can get you through hours upon hours of grief. One minute.


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2 thoughts on “One Minute Alone With God

  1. Thank you for sharing this..There have been a lot of changes at work. A shifting of co-workers not enough help and now three are leaving. Tons of books are not being shelved..In this I will continue to praise Him!

  2. You and I are sorta in the same boat. We have new owners and people are quitting, and yes, I too am standing firm in the things of the Lord, even if it means more “Freezer” time for me! lol Be Blessed!

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