Got A Minute?

Luke 12:12
for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what needs to be said.”

Luke 12:40
You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.”

Do you have enough time for everything in your life?  Most of us would have to answer that question with a resounding , NO!  We bog ourselves down with too many obligations to count.  Soccer games, favorite television shows, home parties, birthday events, church services, Bible studies, football games, youth leaders, coaches, leaders of groups…I could go on, but you get the picture I am sure.  Yes many of these things are important and very much of what makes us who we are, but for those who also hold down full time jobs which take up 45 hours a week or more, scheduling LIFE can be overwhelming and tedious.  We just need to come to the realization that we don’t have the time to say “Yes” to everything that sounds like fun.  Now the point of this blog is not to accuse or convict, it is merely showing what we really need to make time for in our day:  God.

It is the quiet times when we take a minute for God that we can download what He needs us to hear.  It gives us the strength we need to conquer anything that might be thrown at us in the meandering of our day.  Let’s imagine for a moment Jesus standing at the beginning of dawn, waiting for us to invite Him into our day.  What if we get so busy right from the get-go that we leave Him standing out there all day long, never once pausing to seek Him?  My greatest weakness at one time was this very thing.  I had my whole day planned out and not one minute would I spend with God.  Nope, not even one thought, unless things were going so terrible that I HAD to call out His Name in hopes that He would fix the situation.  If only I had called on Him right from the start of my day, He would have already been there to set things before me.

I now get up and go as usual but on the car ride to work I pray and say good morning to Him and play some worship music.  It really does make a difference because when things are going wrong during the day, my morning ride reminds that God is right there with me.  What God desires is a relationship with us first and foremost, once we have that, then all other aspects of being a Christian just seem to fall into place.  The more we seek time with Him, the more the desire to sin goes away.  The more we start our day with a “Good Morning, Lord” the easier it will be to keep our focus on the positive and stop releasing evil on everyone around us.  Giving just one minute of our time to God can make a world of difference in any situation.

I am still slow at saying no.  I want to do all the fun things in life too, however when I find myself over-extended, I get tired easier and do not truly enjoy what I am doing.  As we further mature into Christian adulthood, we need a closer walk with God and longer times to download the things He has in store for us.  How can we possibly know where God wants us to go if we are not slowing down long enough to get directions?  How can we rise each morning and not recognize our King as the One who rules our day?  It’s Biblical!  He knew us before birth, our days are ordered.  What more do we need to hear about God being a part of our day?

So I challenge all of us to spend ONE minute, yes we will start with just 60 seconds at first, with God in the morning.  It takes time to form habits, yet this is one we should begin right away.  Start with one minute for a week, maybe put it in your phone calendar or set an alarm, perhaps just putting a note on the mirror or making God the first thing on your to do list.  Whatever works for you!  Just start now to form the habit of spending time with God each day.  When you have had success at the one minute with God, try two the next week and keep increasing it until you are spending as much time as you desire with God each day.  I assure you it will make a BIG difference in your life for the positive and people will see it!  Reply to this blog or share it in the testimony part of the blog page.  I want to hear some reports!  Who knows how many of us will be setting an alarm just so we can get up early enough to spend some extra time with God.

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2 thoughts on “Got A Minute?

  1. Yes it certainly is, I wish I gave more time to the things of God when life gets tough. It is not an easy thing, however it should be a focus for those of us following the call of God on our lives:)

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