Pick Me Up, Daddy

Proverbs 2:8
He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him.

How many times have you needed faith in your life?  What have you centered your faith in?  Was it God?  Perhaps it was yourself or a friend?  Maybe a television commercial for a product or a church that promised it all.  Where was your faith in your darkest trials?  Was it in self-reliance that you could get yourself through any thing because you had lived a hard life and were tough enough to handle it?  God is the only thing we should have faith in.  Not man.  Not ourselves.  Not systems.  God.  God alone is our Provider, Healer and Shelter in the storms.  He is our way out of situations we have gotten ourselves into and He is truly the One who keeps us from falling on our face too many times.

When I was in the midst of my marriage, I felt that I was in control and had faith in God, but not enough.  There still was the guilt of not making the right choices in life and the fact of not feeling worthy enough as a person.  I believed in God but until I was left powerless with no where to turn, God could not work in my life.  He was waiting for me to throw my hands up toward heaven and say, “Why me Lord?  Where do I go from here?”  Faith is knowing that no matter what circumstance you have somehow gotten yourself into, God already has a way out in mind.  Take for instance when they brought my husband to the emergency room, I was sitting there powerless when all of a sudden I go the nerve to let the nurse know exactly what was going on.  I was able to spill my 18 years of living with a drug addict story to her even though I feared what my husband would do if he found out I told all of his secrets.  It was that moment of having enough faith left in me that God still loved me and I was able to step up and take a leap of faith.

It is faith which has brought me this far.  I was tired of wandering around in the desert with no purpose and carrying all my baggage.  It was time for me to set my baggage down on the conveyor belt to God, knowing without a doubt He would pick it up, sort it out and send me where I needed to go.  It truly was faith that allowed me to go to the court house and get an order of protection so that I would not just continue on with the life I was living.  It also was the journey of faith that within six months of separating from my husband, I bought  a new van, got the gas turned back on in my trailer and received all my appliances that I was missing.  Faith is what brings you closer to God.  It pulls you to your knees and makes your heart cry out for God to rescue you.

Now I have more faith than ever that God will take care of me.  He is providing a way for my teeth to be fixed and surely a plan for a new home is already in the works.  My life would be meaningless at this point if I did not have enough faith in God that He will do a  good work in me so that He may be glorified and others will come to know His Son just because I choose to let it go and give Him total control in my life.  I have the faith that moves mountains, but it took what seems like forever to get to this point in my life.  It took a long time for me to realize that God really wants us to have the faith of a child and to be 100% sure we will be taken care of.  “Pick me up Daddy!  I am in need of rescue and You are the only answer!”  This is what He longs to hear.  It does not matter to Him how you got where you are, be it addictions, mistrust, disbelief or whatever inhibited you from having a true relationship with God; He loves you enough to save you.

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2 thoughts on “Pick Me Up, Daddy

  1. good work.I love it Brenda.

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