At His Feet

Revelation 17:17
For God has put it in their hearts to execute His purpose by having a common purpose, and by giving their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God will be fulfilled.


At a recently Bible study we were caught up in a moment of learning to let it go.  There was a study planned which we never encountered, instead we were overcome by the presence of God.  Many times we know not what we carry around with us every day.  Struggles, stresses, overwhelming guilt, pressures, crushed dreams and the many schemes of life.  We let these things run our daily lives as if they are who we are.  Sometimes we are unaware of the devastation which accompanies such things.  Depression comes when we are unable to handle what is right in front of us, which is why God is asking us to lay it all down before Him and let Him have it, never for us to pick it up again.

How many times have we repeated the words, “Let go and let God?”  only to find ourselves six months later right back in the same dessert wandering around yelling at God?  It is truly human nature to want to direct our own lives and be the master of it.  We think we have a better way of getting things done in a more timely fashion, especially since we live in such a need it now and instantaneously society.  God doesn’t throw our problems in a bowl and add water so that it becomes an instant fix; sometimes His plans take hours, days, weeks and yes even years.

I am standing in the grace of God right now concerning my marriage.  I was separated by drugs from my husband two years ago and I am still standing here in faith waiting for God.  Many would  have given up by now, however God promised me the restoration of my marriage, yet He gave me no time frame to go by.  Sometimes I try to pick up my marriage and put it back together thinking I figured out the magic solution, only to discover it would put my enabler personality back into overdrive.  I have to just stand in grace as God works on things. 

I will not deny it is very frustrating at times.  I want to run to my husband, shake him violently and say, “Why are you not listening to God?!”  I want to send him literature in the mail to try to influence his thinking.  I want to send him flyers explaining the next revival meeting or means group, yet I can’t.  I would be going against the will of God and I surely would just be picking up what I left at His feet.  Even though I desire to do these things in the flesh, assure you my inner man is screaming at me to let God handle it.

Laying it down at the feet of Jesus again for me brought such an overwhelming peace.  As I began to surrender those things I thought I could control, I was filled with joy and assurance.  I knew God had me in His arms.  I felt Him moving all around me.  I knew He had plans for me I could not see.  I was certain of His wisdom in the perfect timing.  I stood before Him in tears as I repented for carrying around my marriage trying to fix it myself.  I have total confidence that if you give something to God He well be faithful to complete His promises.

I urge you right now to go before the Lord and lay it all at the feet of Jesus.  Sometimes it takes several trips to empty your arms of the great load you carry; however, it is so worth it.  Give Him your burdens, your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your loved ones and most of all, surrender yourself.  Give God permission to work things out for your benefit.  Let Him intercede for you.  Let Him show you His love and grace.  By doing so He will fill you with a peace some have never experienced before.  Are you truly ready to let go?  Are you tired of trying to be the hero in someone elses’ life?  Do you have enough faith in God to give it all to Him to take care of?  Let it all go, right now.

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