Find Joy in Your Flight

Find Joy In Your Flight


Quiet yourself in His Presence.

Be still before the Lord,

Be open like the wings of the butterfly

Soaking in the Son.

Dip your wings in God’s rainbow

Fill yourself with His colors of hope.

May the designs in the wings be representation

Of trials you have overcome.

Let the colors meld themselves together

Making a living tapestry of God’s grace.

May the movement of the wings

Spread peace to every soul.

Become like the butterfly

Be attracted to the good things in life

Take your time

Show no anger in the things of this world.

Soak in the sunlight

Stop to drink the nectar as if it was His wine

Find joy in just gliding in the wind,

Be focused on the things of God.

God is waiting

He longs for us to seek Him

He is requiring our trust;

Trusting He will be there in all situations.

Just as God provided nectar for the mere butterfly

So will He surely provide for you His child.

Drink in the nectar

Feel its’ restoring power to heal your woundedness.

Do not be distracted in flight.

Keep your eyes focused on Him

Be not drawn as the moth to the wildfire

For it destroys the things of God.

Be consumed instead by the true Light

For it is good and gentle.

It will reflect from you

Providing encouragement for others to receive.

For the Light builds us up and repairs inner hurts;

Restoring the things the enemy has destroyed,

Making a way for the lost to be found

And the broken to be renewed.

Therefore peace is found only in Him

Creator of the butterfly

And the Maker of you,

His precious child.                               

Now spread your wings in flight

Let go of that which holds you down in this world.

Trust the Lord to complete what He has started in you;

Soar towards the Light.


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