Wondering Where God is Sometimes?

John 3:8

Only God‘s Spirit gives new life. The Spirit is like the wind that blows wherever it wants to. You can hear the wind, but you don’t know where it comes from or where it is going.


Ever wonder how you got where you are?  Do you stop to think about where God is sometimes in your life?  Have you ever just cried out in desperation?  Ever feel like you just have walked so far out of the will of God it would be impossible to return to His grace?  Can you feel Him in the wind anymore?  Do you see Him in the starlit night or the array of colors of the sunrise in the morning?  We are called to seek His face.  Are we doing this?  Are we looking for Him in the tiny moments of life or are we too busy with the world to notice?  Tough questions I know, but I am tired of playing church.

I want to seek Him and His desires for my life.  I want to feel Him in the breezes and feel Him in the waves of the lake.  God created this earth for you and me to enjoy.  He spoke ALL things into existence, including us.  He made the trees, the birds, the oceans; everything which surrounds us, He created.  I want to get lost in love with God and see with His eyes.  I want to touch things and feel His Presence all around me.  I desire to hear His voice leading me.  I want to stop the worldly things I get bombarded with on a daily basis and just rest in Him.

I urge each of us to stop for just a moment each day and seek the face of God.  Be it a moment of listening intently to a song of worship or the chirp of a bird in the distance.  Take an extra glance at the stars that light up the night sky.  Stop to investigate the flight of a butterfly.  Be intrigued by the meandering of a ladybug.  Rejoice at the smell of flowers in the air.  Just stop.  Just stand in one spot and soak God in.  Rejuvenate yourself with the sweet Presence of God, He is there in every moment, we just need to seek Him.

I pray we will not be too busy for a minute with God each day, I know for a fact He is not too busy for us.  When we begin to stop and seek, our days will be brighter, our burdens lightened and our strength renewed.  Find peace in helping others.  Rejoice with the laughter you hear.  Begin to feel free in Jesus.  Let the happiness bubble up to the surface and take hold of your atmosphere.  I challenge us all to take time to practice seeking God.  Share your God experience with someone else, who knows where it can lead!

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