Always Be Looking for The Cross

How many times have you asked this question:  “Where is God in all of this?”  I know personally over the span of my life I have asked that question, sometimes screaming it out loud, at least a million times it seems like.  We go through trials and we find

Look for the Crosses in Your Life

ourselves in panic mode and we temporarily go blind.  We can’t see God anymore because we have let our emotions overtake the situation instead of looking for God. We run about frantically trying to fix everything ourselves because usually we have put ourselves in dangerous situations and we want to fix things before God notices.

Okay, lesson one:  God is all knowing.  All seeing.  All hearing.  How can we possibly do anything under His watchful eye without being noticed?  Yes we make mistakes, do you think He does not know this?  It’s like a pastor said a few Sundays ago, we live in a Humpty Dumpty society and we just want to fix things all the time.  Well in my opinion, who put and egg on a wall to begin with?  Why do we put things we treasure in harms way?  If we were looking for God in the first place, would we not have found ourselves in such needless predicaments?

Just recently a young man drowned in a river near my home.  My daughter had texted me the minute she heard about it and I began to pray.  I was sitting with my son in a restaurant having lunch at the time, and as I looked up from praying I glanced out the window.  In doing so I noticed a mirror and in the it was a reflection of the frames from the window.  I was quiet in awe for a moment as I realized there was a cross in the mirror and it gave me a peace knowing God was in this tragedy that was unfolding in our lives.

There have been so many times in my life where I wished I had sought after God before making major choices.  I know I cannot go back and change anything but I sure know I learned from these experiences.  If anything it makes me want to look for the crosses in my life first, not after or during a crisis,  instead seeking His will for my life from the beginning.  As humans we get these great ideas and we think we can out do God or function on our own without His direction.  What if we stopped to pause a moment before we set our “egg” on a wall, where we know in the back of minds we are setting it up to fall, and just looked for the cross?

I challenge us all to seek out the crosses.  I often find them in most unusual places like in a restaurant for instance or when I am taking a hike I will find sticks in the shape of crosses.  I encourage you to share those photos in the testimony place here and share how you feel about finding that particular cross in your life.  The cross is the only place you can lay it all down and be a peace with walking away.


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