Step on the Golden Road With Me

Well, here it is, my first official BLOG!  I look forward to sharing my walk with Jesus with you here in this multi-media world and I hope to give you encouragement and inspiration along the way.  Life is a journey of events.  What we glean from our experiences is how we can influence others.  By choosing to see God in all things, life becomes a little easier to bear.  Yes we have things taken away from us only to discover God had something better in mind all along.

I pray I will be able to be honest in my sharing and in the next few postings I will get us all up to speed to where I am with God at the moment and how I feel about the things God is doing in my life.  We all need a direction to follow, mine just happens to be the way of the road paved in gold.  The path to heaven is right in front of you.  Go ahead, step upon it and let God be your tour Guide!

Be Blessed!

Love in Christ

Brenda Welc

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2 thoughts on “Step on the Golden Road With Me

  1. Welcome to the world of WordPress! Very nice header too!

    1. Thank you for the welcome! (and the compliment)
      Be Blessed!

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