When is the Last Test?

Hebrews 2:18

Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested.
Ever just look up at the sky and simply say, “Really?  This AGAIN?”  You are thinking to yourself, I am POSITIVE I have been through this testing before and I surely passed last time, so why are we going through this same test again.  I guess maybe our idea of passing a certain test and God’s is different.  God purifies us in the fire just like gold until we are “refined” and closer to His image of us.  I don’t know about you, but retesting is such a difficult thing because you know you failed the last one.
This testing happens to me quite often concerning my attitude.  Every time I think I have conquered not getting upset about something, sure enough God sets me up and I fail!  Over and over He tries, but back in the fire I go.  Well, today I feel more confident than ever that I just may have passed the test in one area of my attitude….not 100% positive, however, my reaction to the situation was way more relaxed and controlled then I had been in the past.
God loves us enough to put us back in the fire over and over again until He is confident we have learned to handle any situation which arises in our daily walks.  Why does He do this?  Because He wants us to become just like Jesus and this process will surely make that happen according to His plan. Now, the key is to notice when the testing is occurring so we can remember if we happen to be retested that we need to choose a different way to react.
So, to avoid the same fire over and over again we must learn from each testing process what we can do differently the next time to change our reaction…not that easy I know.  Sometimes I wish I could just close my eyes and see that marvelous “A” written across the top of the page, then I would know for sure if I had passed that time.
How great is our God in His patience with us?  Great enough to keep on testing us until we have it just right.  Long enough to soften our reactions to life and increase our compassion.  I encourage each of us to not hate or dread the test, but instead embrace it as a chance to change…a chance to be more like Jesus.

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