5 thoughts on “Share your story!

  1. I wrote this in 2005..
    i don’t have any smiles to give away
    my heart has been torn for longer than I can say
    you bottle my tears of self imposed pain
    i have to wonder will I always be the same
    my heart is in pieces
    shattered from the past
    i long to move and be free of it at last
    to break forth with joy
    so I may refrain from wearing this mask
    take it off I cry out
    for I desire to smile again
    only dear Jesus can you set me free
    i beg today and make this plea
    pick up my shattered heart
    and make it whole
    so that I may be joyful and laugh with glee
    with your help I will walk in the way
    you’ve called me to be free.. r gould

    God has done much in my life since this time and He continues to (grow me up) as I call it.

    1. Wow! Spoken from a true heart of broken love. God seems to be leading you along the Golden Road quite nicely! You can heal with your testimony and I know someone will be touched with this! Be Blessed!

      1. Thank you..Brenda! I have a new wordpress address and new look too..

  2. I wrote this in 2007
    Locked Door of Your Heart

    i have the key
    to open up your heart
    do you want me to?
    it’s up to you
    when you seek me
    you will find
    that you’re not deaf
    and you’re not blind
    let me in come be my friend
    take a step
    don’t be afraid
    the more you give
    the more I’ll take
    to make for your good
    what you thought a mistake
    so let me have your heart today
    ignore the thoughts that want to say
    go away and maybe some other day…rgould

    ps I thought it tied in with your post.. (:

    1. Yes this ties in VERY well. I appreciate you sharing this it is wonderful!

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