Being a Lighthouse

This morning I had to get up EARLY for a Saturday because of my car needing an oil change. Because of this I was able to witness a most amazing sunrise and share Jesus to someone and its only 8:14am!! We never know what one kind act can do for a person.

Tim Hortons is my favorite coffee place. I stopped there this morning before my oil change. I went to pay and this card I have been carrying around in my wallet for months was literally stuck to my debit card. It was an inspirational card about Sunshine and I KNEW the minute she greeted me , “Hello Sunshine!” that the card was for her.

I watched her facial expressions as she read the card and could almost feel the emotion. She said thank you and I shared about the sunrise and told her that the God who created the sunrise also created her and He thinks she is beautiful.

I did not know this person but God did. There is a reason I am a week over due for my oil change. God needed her to know she was loved and that He was thinking about her.
We has children of God are to be salt and light. We are the ones who add flavor in a very bland world. It is our responsibility to share the gospel and we should be doing this every opportunity we have.

Sometimes sharing the gospel is just being kind. Its not always about sharing a Bible verse or leading someone in the sinners prayer. We have to come to the understanding that sometimes we are just the seed planter. There may be times when we are the waterer. Perhaps you will be the sunshine.
And all glory to God if He allows you to be the harvester.

Whatever part you play it is always God orchestrated. He is the one who orders our steps. He leads us to those who need His presence. We must be open to every possibility we have to share Jesus and be willing to listen to the Holy Spirit for direction.

I would also like to mention that sometimes the seed just needs prayer. While the seed is underground and changing and sprouting it needs prayer. If you are called to pray for a seed set an alarm and pray every day. Some people just need to be prayed through things silently.

This part of the commission can be the hardest. As humans we want to see results. In this microwave society we think the time from planting to harvest should be quick but that’s not always the case, in fact it is almost never the situation!!

People need prayer whether they know it or not. Pray. Plant. Pray. Water. Pray. Give rays of Sunshine. Pray. Harvest. Keep praying!!!!

2 Corinthians 6:6
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