Pick Me! (Part 3)


So we have arrived at the third part of promise land arrival.  In the previous two blogs I shared my old job status and how God presented me with a new opportunity in the most perfect atmosphere.  As the journey continues I have set up camp in my Promise Land.  I now dwell in peace.  I do my job and go home.  I leave work at work and it allows me to do the things God directs me to.

When I accepted this offer for the new job I had no clue what the pay would be.  I also had no idea of the hours I would be working.  Yet I was filled with so much peace, I could not understand it.  It was the same peace I had when I got remarried…no matter what the world was saying I had unstoppable peace.  You know, that peace they talk about in the Bible.  The kind that passes ALL understanding.

When I found out my pay and hours I was a little nervous to tell my husband but when I did, he too had peace.  I now work in a Christian company.  I listen to Christian music all day long.  I often listen to my boss preaching while we are at work.  The people are friendly.  The work is simple yet complex but not enough to cause me undo stress everyday.

Now, I had been working in the restaurant business for 3o years and the thought of diving into the deep end of the pool and working for a sign company did cause me to have some concern.  I had no clue about how signs worked.  BUT!  I can tell you that within one month I have learned so much it’s almost crazy!  I relied on the Holy Spirit to show me things and He has every time.  I have never done anything with graphics or vinyl and now I can create a project from start to finish.  I am beginning to really enjoy my promise land living.

This can happen for you too.  It sounds simple enough but I know it’s not always easy.  Pray.  Tell God what’s up..He already knows.  Believe that He has an awesome plan for your life.  Let Him take care of business.  Rest in Him.  Yes it’s that simple.  I did not play a part in this new job coming to me except prayer.  I hadn’t even begun to search for a new job, I was still mulling it over.

God saw my need and heard my cry.  He delivered my safely out of Egypt right into my promise land and I will be forever grateful.  I am content.  I am happy.  I am free to move in the spirit.  I get to worship God all day long.  I am as happy as a pig in mud!

Dear God,  Mere words cannot express my thanks to You for what You have done.  Thank You for new opportunities and adventures.  Thank You for doing all the work on my behalf.  I am fully on board with Your plan for my life.  Lord, continue to build my character.  Continue to heal me.  Continue to teach me Your ways.

In Jesus Name, Amen

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