Pick Me (Part 2)!


So yesterday we talked about lifting grace and promise lands.  I shared about my 30 year reign at McDonald’s.  Now I will show you what it means when the Bible says “I am working on your behalf”.  It’s always all about God and His grace and mercy and goodness and promises.  It is up to us to use our measure of faith to get from one place to the promise land.  The bottom line is trusting Him to do the work.  If we recognize that He created us for a plan and a purpose, then simple equation is that He has a plan. ( Jeremiah 29:11 is where you can reference this.)

After being back to work only a couple of weeks my husband saw the change in my attitude and spoke these very words to me, “You need a new job!”.  Can you imagine the shocked look on my face? I was like, “Why?”  And then God began to reveal to me that my heart just wasn’t in it anymore.  In the next week the grace was lifted even more while I was a woman’s conference.

We were just about to let lanterns go into the night sky, releasing something in our lives that we wanted to see changed, and work texted me.  They were out of product.  I went into this tailspin.  I was going to have to leave in the middle of something I was really enjoying and help the store.  I was so frustrated I could have spit nails right into a cement wall.  So I did the only thing I knew to do, pray.  Within minutes the problem was resolved and I got to stay at the conference…BUT..this did cause me to draw a line in the sand.

I gathered a couple of friends and we prayed.  I needed a new job and fast!  However, I made good money at McDonald’s and it would be a challenge finding something non restaurant related on that pay scale.  I made it very clear that in order for me to leave this job, I would have to hear it from my husbands lips that financially it would be okay.  And so this is how God PUSHED me into my Promise Land:

The conference was on a Friday night.  We prayed.  On Monday I was ranting to my husband about work.  He spoke the very words I needed to hear.  A friend texted me on Tuesday about senior pictures for her daughter and “oh by the way” I have an office position open, are you still at McDonald’s?  Now mind you she had no idea where I was at in my job status.  We had not been in touch for awhile.  I did not post anything on Facebook.  She also did not hear my prayer to God that if I still had to work I would REALLY like an office job.

Had an interview on Wednesday.  Accepted the position on Saturday.  Put my two weeks notice in on Monday.  And that’s how I went from Egypt to my Promise Land…

Stay tuned for the final chapter tomorrow…

Dear God, Thank You for Your wisdom.  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for Your mercy.  Thank You for Your kindness.  I just want to take a moment to say I love You.  I am truly grateful for everything You have done for me.  I know that I get in the way of my own destiny sometimes, please forgive me for ever doubting Your goodness.

In Jesus Name, Amen

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