Worthless Words


In LIFE we create so much DEATH.  It almost does not make any logical sense.  Everyday we speak MANY worthless words which actually create the environment in which we live.  How many times have we said these phrases?

“My back is killing me!”

“My kids are driving me crazy!”

“I am going to go insane!”

“It’s going to be a terrible day.”

These among several other phrases are spoken by God’s chosen people everyday and we fail to see the weight our words carry.  Let’s take this concept all they back to the very beginning of time when God created the earth.  “And God said, let their be light.  God said, let there be stars in the heavens.  God said, let there be life!”  Our very existence here on earth began with a spoken word, therefore it brings me to the conclusion that we can speak life or death into our everyday lives.

Let me share a story with you from my work.  Several years ago I worked with a boss and every time she went on vacation our computer would crash.  So it became a “tradition” for us to speak the same words each time she went on vacation, “Have a great vacation, we will handle the computer crashing!”  Finally after the third time of this happening, my mentor mentioned to me that perhaps we were speaking death to the computer each time we did that.  So I tested it.  The next time she went on vacation I did not utter the words, “Great!  The boss is going on vacation, the computer is going to crash like it always does.”   And guess what?  I never did again.

My Sunday morning Bible study is currently reading a book entitled ” Does Your Tongue Need Healing?” by Derek Prince and I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to see just how powerful this little body part we have called a tongue can be.  It has been quite the eye opener to seeing that what we speak from our mouth comes to pass.

How has this changed my mindset?  It has made me slow to speech and has gotten me to actually think before I speak.  Even simple statements that are meant as joking can carry weight.  I know that we all can recall a moment in time where someone said some nasty remark and it never left us.  One of my inner woundings is that nothing is ever good enough.  This wound was created by someone in my life always nit picking about things I did not do according to their standards and now as an adult it still stings when someone says I am not doing my best, when I know that I am.

Words hurt but they can also heal and change atmospheres.  They can make or break someones day.  They can keep you from moving forward or they can propel you into the next great adventure.  Choose today to begin a new journey with words.  Be slow to speak and make sure what you are saying will benefit you and those around you.  Start out small, when you first wake up in the morning, declare, “Today is going to be a great day!”    If things start going wrong, remind yourself that you declared it was going to be a great day and move forward.

Changing your life begins with choosing the right words to change your atmosphere.  Once you begin to  see changes in your daily life, you will want to continue to choose your words wisely so that they will have worth.

1 thought on “Worthless Words

  1. Amen! Speaking this over my day today 🙂

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