Is Your Receiver Broken?

Receive and experience the amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, deep, deep within yourselves.
Do you find it hard sometimes to accept love?  Maybe even its’ hard to take in a compliment.  Mainly this stems from our own low esteem or unbelief in ourselves.  I know myself I just have a really hard time receiving things.  Sometimes it comes from not believing in myself but often it comes from just not want to believe the statements are true.
My husband is a prime example of my broken ability to receive.  He will see me first thing in the morning with my hair in every direction, no make-up and probably not the best  breath and say to me, “You are so beautiful.”  I will just groan and roll over in the other direction. He will try again later and I just shrug it off.
When we first got together we both had a issue receiving love.  We were really good at giving love but when it came to receiving we were broke.  We both came from unrealistic relationships.  We had both been very hurt by love itself.  Neither one of us understood why God would put such broken people in the same relationship.
As time has gone by we have learned to receive each others love.  As we have begun to heal and grow together we have a reception ability to love.  I think for awhile we just did not trust this to be real.
Today I am working on accepting his compliments and he is working on receiving my love to a greater depth.  God will heal anyone’s broken receiver if we just allow Him into the brokenness.  Where we get stuck is that we think we have to fix ourselves but we don’t.  God will pour in His grace until all the broken pieces are mended.  He will continue to love us until we believe in love again.
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